Cloud by Makoto Tanijiri


Tokyo 09: architect Makoto Tanijiri of Hiroshima architects Suppose Design Office designed an exhibition environment based on clouds for Designtide Tokyo in Japan last week.

Visitors were led along a tunnel to individual booths, all covered in a fluffy cotton and polyester material.

This material will now be reused, heated and compressed to form suitcase wheels.

Designtide Tokyo took place 10 October to 3 November.

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Here's some text from the organisers:


The exhibition space was designed with a "cloud" inspiration serving as the basis for subtle partitions that created booths that weren't like traditional booths.

Visitors entered a layered "cloud" tunnel and from there into the TIDE Lounge where materials made by INVISTA were shown.

INVISTA kindly supported the exhibition by providing the material necessary to make the "clouds".

The exhibition design was an antithesis of rigid and invited visitors to meander the site's twisting routes, stumbling upon unexpected discoveries.

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  • angry catalan

    I love how the board and the table on the “Image Exibition Pinto” picture are arranged. Very beautiful. The rest is a little bizarre to tell the truth.

  • onvn

    Too literal like a schoolkid’s classroom project IMHO..

  • LOW

    Wow… now all you need a bunch of Care Bears

  • the concept is excellent. you are constantly focused on seeing clear and sharp objects. a dialog between dreaming and being awake and aware of your surrounding.