Companion Parrot by Tithi Kutchamuch


London designer Tithi Kutchamuch has created a necklace with charms modelled on the skull and entrails of a parrot.

The wearer pulls the chain and body parts out of a holder shaped like the body of a bird.

Called Companion Parrot, the piece is part of Kutchamuch's Secret Friend collection (see our previous story) and will be exhibited at design fair Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in London this May.

Photographs are by Petr Krejci.

Here's some text from the designer:

The second generation of 'A Secret Friend' , a life size companion parrot.

Jewellery as part of home that you can bring with. Keep them save, and bring back to complete your forever friend at home.

'Companion Parrot' will be part of a collection that I'm working on and will be exhibited at 'Collect' , Saatchi Gallery 14-17 May 2010 in London.

Posted on Thursday February 18th 2010 at 8:03 pm by Antonia Anastasiadi. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • super cute

  • cwg

    wow, considering i have a real companion parrot at home- this is only slightly disturbing!

  • martin


  • Ella

    well it is quite interesting but thinking about who would use something like this is the question, I dont think many people would were it

  • richard

    this is blatant plagiarism!
    down to the pictures

    the original featured books of belief . .
    the bible, koran, etc


  • richard

    sorry for the comment

    wrong article

  • It’s not so Feng Shui… ;)

    François Beydoun

  • Liz.H

    a bit…….creepy…….

  • j

    This may well be the best jewelery design I’ve ever seen. Great concept, well implemented. TO contrast the skull, the ‘guts’ could have been a little more abstract/formally simplified though.

  • Bo

    Very, very interesting. Such a great thought.

  • Theo

    Lovely idea.

    Macabre, but really appealing.

  • sally

    Interesting piece. The Skull is slightly disturbing. the body of the parrot is beautiful.

  • Flick

    Really love this! But i love all taxidermy/fur related design. Would def wear it upon a night out!

  • jakb

    uaaa…i want it.

  • Kristopher Adams

    I absolutely love this. I don’t think I’d ever wear it (I don’t wear jewelery anyway) but It’s just a beautiful, honest and sincere object.

    Great craftsmanship.

  • charlie chan

    It’s beautiful, i think its great.

    It’s just creeping the hell outa me and I am super disturbed and I wanna puke, but still the project i think is great.

  • Capstick

    I got to confess: I love it. Is a little bit creepy, disturber … but I want it.

  • Marianne

    I WANT IT ! Now ! I want to wear it !

    Bijouterie is a medium for creativity without limits, fantaisie, big ideas and fine realizations, and it need to be a bit provocative…
    It was like that years ago (look at your grandmother jewelry… you’ll be surprise how non-conservative they where for this “art”)… and we have to always go further… no ?

  • Just the Skull would have been cool but the guts kinda kills it.

  • j


    Explain…skulls are cooler than guts all of a sudden? Are you a pirate or a designer??

  • I


  • Emiliano


  • laura skeeters

    Gross! Merd!

  • Rock’n’roll, but the skull itself (plus the bird stand)would have been good enough.

  • Zaedrus

    SWEET. Now I know what to wear to the seance!

  • Timo

    “i want that! i want this! i want i want!!” like little babies. and im not targeting my opinion to people posting here, just making a statement in general. i think that (most) designers are the cancer of the are the big corporations that are like the mother-cancer, heheh. making new useless shit and new useless shit out of the resources of the world, instead of reusing and enhancing what we already have and appreciating simple things in life. ofcourse there is a lot of good-hearted designers who are doing this, but still a lot of these designer are using their skills on chandeliers, toiletpaperholders, dogtoys and all these things that modern man “needs”. but i havent lost my belief in humankind, there is a lot of people in the world that arent attached to money and objects. keep it basic. and buying more and more and more recycled things dont make you a environmentalist, it makes you a materialist. driving a hybrid dont make you a part of the solution, moving closer to your work and riding a bicycle, or supporting public transport does. building a eco-house in the forest dont make you hero, buying a old house and fixing it, or moving to a existing old apartmentbuilding in the center might.

    world is my home. music, people, art, animals and nature in it are where i get, and where i give my energy and happiness, not objects.

    ..yeah, and i mentioned art..dont even get me started ;)

    and after all this “i know it better than you”-bullshit-writing of mine…i must say that im a architect..and my god! WE are the biggest bastards, but we blame the engineers and the clients for all the “bad” architecture. its easy to point fingers, as im doing right now, but it takes an amazing amount of courage not to give up and fight for your beliefs and your dreams..but maybe you can one day reach them. i hope i will..but on the way there, i might at least try to make small effects too, and not just concentrate on the destination.

    i think i could go on and on and on…but i think that even this was too much, maybe dezeen is not the right place for this..and maybe you just think that im a naive hippie shouting at the sky, maybe i am ;)

    by the way..this necklace is amazing!

  • D.

    Fantastic! A great follow up to her ‘a secret friend’ collection. Can’t wait for more…..I’m still watching!…

  • Ski

    Really cool idea. And beautiful execution.

  • Ella

    The comment of Timo was overwhelming :-S

  • Timo

    ..and one thing i would like to add to my little “manifest”.. is that it seems that these days you can do, and get away of everything…if you just do it in the name of creativity. i respect art, music and continuation of human culture..but just think before you create.

  • Tithi – you’re nuts.

    Good nuts.

  • Xit

    It take guts to do a project like this

  • moccafilm

    Seems to be inspired by the “Dark Tower” Book Series by Stephen King.

  • altusabra

    Cool man :D

  • Lardymocha

    This is fantastic! Dezeen shouldn’t ever pretend to dig any deeper than well made designs such as these.

  • @J – Yeah the Skull is Cool. Always was and always will be. I admit that the Skull has been a bit played lately but the fact that it’s a bird skull gives it a fresh look. As for the Guts. As far as I know, Guts have never been cool. Pirates didn’t sport guts on their flags. Designers all over the world from T-shirt designers to Jewelry designers have all used the skull as a symbol. Intestines…. NOt so much.

  • This is beyond awesome.

  • Fizz

    So – many here jumping on the ‘how cool/fantastic’ bandwagon. It seems in 21st century western consumer aesthetics anything outlandish, provocative and/or unsettling is de facto, brilliantly creative. It’s not so much the Emperor wearing no clothes but apparel that is ridiculous in the extreme. This my good people is -if you care to examine the superficial pretentiousness of it – is just plain silly….

  • Architecture student

    I loved The Body, but thinking about wearing that nacklace is creepy thought…
    By the way I agree with Timo about the basics.. Got my vote..

  • Pe Nis Colada

    Very tasteful… lol

  • j

    wow, very cool

  • galessa

    Coolest thing! Loved it.