TMA-1 By KiBiSi for AIAIAI


TMA-1 By KiBiSi

Danish industrial design firm Kibisi launch these minimal headphones today.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi
The headphones are a collaboration with Danish electronics company AIAIAI who wanted a durable design.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

TMA-1 is a name taken from an Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, where it describes a machine that was long lasting and reliable.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

The headphones are finished in matte black rubber, nylon and plastic.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

Here's some more from the designers:

The TMA-1 by AIAIAI - The idea of a headphone

Danish headphone company AIAIAI, are just about to launch their unique new DJ headphone, the TMA-1, a lead-user-developed piece of audio equipment that looks set to renew the way that lifestyle technology is marketed. The design of TMA-1 is simple, and then some. It is stripped down to nothing more than the essentials. No ornaments, colors or other distractions. Only a very discrete and hidden logo indicates that these headphones come from an established brand.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

This marks a new route in a terrain, that for the last couple of years have seen an endless array of products branded with extensive logos, and marketed by celebrities. The TMA-1 travels on a different road, and with it's simple and iconic look, it is essentially nothing more, than the idea of the headphone.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

The TMA-1 headphone has been tested and tweaked by the world’s most skilled and interesting DJ's. In total 28 of the world's most progressive DJ's have been consulted through both the developmental and testing stages, in questions related to sound, form and durability. This process has given a valuable insight into the needs among touring musicians whose headphones are to endure 4-5 gigs a week, and a load of travelling on top of that.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

This insight has brought into the design and choice of materials by the inimitable Danish design-firm KiBiSi. Others involved in the process have been the label Tartelet records, the producers, Mannhandle and the communication-agency, Thank You For Clapping. The entire process has given a valuable insight into the needs among touring musicians, whose headphones are to endure 4-5 gigs a week, and a load of travelling on top of that. The TMA-1 built for musicians, by musicians.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

Launch and dates

TMA-1 is set to launch in early August and this new piece of irresistible gear that has been fittingly (it resembles the foreboding, black monolith) named the ‘Tycho Magnetic Anomaly’ after the mysterious phenomenon from Arthur C. Clarke’s groundbreaking novel ‘2001:A Space Odyssey’. Needless to say, this wink to originality has a lot to do with the impressive list of lead-user-testers of the TMA-1, such as Erol Alkan, Flying Lotus, Matthew Dear and Seth Troxler.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

AIAIAI are sticking to outlets and boutiques that fully understand the aesthetics, concept and potential of the TMA-1: The product will therefore be available only at Apple Outlets and boutiques such Firmament, Colette, Bodega, Corso Como, Dijital Fix and insider record stores such as Phonica in London and Turn Table Lab in New York. The latest addition to this list of outlets, are the testers’ venerated record labels such as Ghostly International and this partnership looks promising to say the least. Get your TMA-1 at your nearest impeccable boutique, record store or label online shop.

TMA-1 By KiBiSi

The global launch dates are:

Berlin on the 11th of august
Tokyo on the 14th of august
New York on the 18th of august

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  • Louis

    I WANT THEM!!!!

    When/where will they be available in the UK?

  • The_Architext

    If they sound as good as they look I will begin to want them badly too…

  • are really fantastic and perfect, really great sound and product!!!!! we have now one in our home :) and several to our friends. Congratulations AIAIAI

  • We have experienced now one and the sound and comfort is really good… really high quality, one perfect littleeverydaypleasure :)

  • i need them!!! ja

  • fma

    "minimal" is very relative in this case. In a culture of excess, two subwoofers attached to your face, yet in a simplified design can be considered "minimal" in some ways. And the packaging deffinitely isn't "minimal" no matter how you look at it.

  • JeffK

    Smoking hot

  • Rubbi

    I've been waiting for so long!!! Absolutely bring that home.

  • tomi

    juz tell us how much & will think about it, coz it looks awesome & not cheap as well

  • d gital

    the interim packaging with the bold "a"'s feels a bit clumsy, especially with the strong 'non'-attention given to the rest of the product. hire me?

  • corin

    looks like they’ll be around the £200 mark… Market leader ‘Pioneer HDJ 2000’ are sightly more expensive.

    not bad price for what looks like a decent well-built set of cans.

  • the price it´s ok for the quality! like 180 euros RRP and it´s like a piece for your life because it´s really difficult destroy this headphones and it´s possible buy only the cushions to change if you need.

  • YA! really nice price, people try it and check the sound and the comfort… really great! Headphones for your life!!! studio, dj´ing and street attack! 3 in 1

  • Andre Fu

    Though I really like the minimal design as applied here, I find it curious that they were designed with the touring DJ in mind, for two reasons:

    1. The earpieces do not appear to swivel, precluding the whole art of resting an earpiece on one's shoulder, aiding the ability to swiftly alternate between listening to the PA and the track being cued up / beat – matched.

    2. They do not appear to be collapsible. Many a set of cans have gone to the great nightclub in the sky following a crushing encounter in transit.

    I may have misread this, but without these key points, they would seem to be aimed at the casual user, as opposed to the professional jockey of disks.

    As I say, lovely looking design, but if they do retail at the £200 mark, there are very many technically superior options.

    • freddy10

      as i read it, that is precisely the point – the DJ dont want these features as they always tend to make the headphones vulnerable and they dont need them. therefore these headphones have been designed with few parts and joints…

  • polynomial C

    if they are aimed at dj's, there needs to be a collapsable feature for travel. This is fundamental. how could it be overlooked? They look great though!

    • freddy10

      again i have to disagree – the collapsible feature makes them vulnerable… and therefore the DJ's prefer to have a strong design and dont need this feature. Look at the HD 25 which is one of the most used DJ headphone out there…

  • polynomial C

    HD 25 are monitoring headphones and not as frequently in use by DJ's, although a great headphone. When you are travelling with little more than a backpack, a collapsible set of cans is really necessary. Also you want versatility in the way you can hold the cup.

  • w

    Yup collapsing feature is uneccessary feature that always breaks. These are hot

  • UMfab

    great minimalist design…but sadly the sound quality is pretty poor for a 200$ headphone. I tried some, and sent them back. also I find the swivel a little too loose. But, they really are some of the most slick looking things I have seen.

  • smiffy

    Just got back from Ibiza and majority of dj's using HD25's and they're travelling to 7 gigs a week in some cases. These look even more durable than those. The Pioneers that many others use are always prone to breaking at the driver holders. I've bust so many and I was always super-careful.
    If these sound as good as HD25's I'm in!!

  • That is sexy.

  • looks very sleek n ‘bulletproof?!’..haha..nice

  • Each element of the product to its packaging are really attractive and something I would wish to own definately, love this design.

  • Seattle

    Very clumsy, not in any way elegant. Take a closer look, this is marketing at its worst.

    Minimal? Hardly.

    Complicated design, Absolutely, look at the way the electric cord is attached to each earpiece. Why?

    I bet you pay a lot to get close to nothing with this design.

    No match for AKG or Sennheiser in any way.

  • Andy


    What are you on about?! The “electric cord is attached to each earpiece” because this is how the drivers are powered – an “electric cord” (it’s not a kettle!) goes to each driver in EVERY pair of headphones, whether you see it or not.

  • Cam

    Just some hindsight to add;
    I’ve had two pairs of these replaced, both because the top band snapped clean in half as I was putting them on.
    Also my friend had the Capital headphone by AIAIAI and the cord fell out of the cup for no reason.
    I love love love the visual and textural design of AIAIAI, but as far as the durability? Totally sucks.