Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz


Amington Youth Shelter by Sjolander da Cruz Architects

Sjölander da Cruz Architects of Birmingham have completed this shelter at a park on a former wasteland in Amington, UK.

Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz Architects

Designed as a meeting place for young people in the area, the structure was developed in a series of workshops with residents.

Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz Architects

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Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz Architects

Here are some more details from the architects:

Sjölander da Cruz Architects have recently completed a dynamic shelter for the young people of Amington near Tamworth UK.

This innovative design for youth shelter was developed in partnership with the local young people to act as a physical focus for the positive work that is taking place in Amington near Tamworth.

Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz Architects

The shelter is located at the centre of a previously disused area of wasteland that has been developed over a number of years to provide a habitat for wildlife and encourage rare species, acting as an education resource for the local young people and wider community.

Amington Youth Shelter by Sjölander da Cruz Architects

The design was developed over a series of workshops held on site and draws its inspiration from the leaves and trees that surround the shelter. The dynamic form is derived from that of a maple leaf that has been folded to create shelter, enclosure and seating and since its completion has become a landmark within the local community.

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  • lady penelope

    looks a bit like a conceptual prison cell…

  • I like it. Very edgy looking!

  • tom

    Is it useful when it rains hard?

    • chip

      probably better than standing out in the open

  • kay

    An incredibly hostile form for an urban play element for children- it resembles more an open air prison than a shelter. Mind you, it does look quite fun to scale, if not lethal!

  • Nakul

    Is there only one (???) viewing angle to this shelter ?? All five whole picture are from almost the same spot and the same eye level. Would've been interesting to see what it looks like from it's approach…

  • Mac

    Kids should not play outside with this shelter, they should be in front of the telly…

  • stevephillips79

    it is very stylish and good place for lovers to enjoy the design is marvelous but i dont think it can provide enough shelter in heavy rains and wind

  • Gone with the crisis

    Vitra fire station reworked….. nice

  • THAT is going to have someone's eye out…
    I still like it.

  • …the rain drains back, towards where one would imagine people stand for shelter… Hmm…

  • Martin

    This is in my hometown.. its good to see some bespoke design in an architecural backwater like Tamworth.

    That aside, its dissapointing that it is quite so 'Hadid'.. sharp edges and kids don't tend to mix well – much like Vitra firemen rushing to respond to an alarm. I suspect he dark colour isn't such an issue because Im sure its only a matter of time before the local kids cover it with colourful graffiti.

  • RLKC

    Yeah, Vitra Fire Station by Zaha ws definitely the first thought on my mind when I saw this.

  • andy

    seems like there´s a wide variety of angles to choose from;)