LDN by Ross Lovegrove and NYC by KiBiSi
for Biomega


über-design bicycles bu biomega

Danish bicycle company Biomega launch two new bikes today, one by London designer Ross Lovegrove and the other by Danish design collective KiBiSi.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

LDN (top and above) is by Lovegrove and has a wishbone shaped one-piece carbon fibre frame with a hole to save weight and allow the bike to be wall-hung.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

NYC (above and below) is by KiBiSi and has an aluminium frame with an integrated mudguard and carbon fibre belt drive instead of a traditional chain.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

Both bicycles go on display at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September, with LDN also on display at the SHOWHOW design exhibition in Tent London between 23 and 26 September.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

Here's some more from the designers:

Biomega introduces two new über-design bicycles for urban locomotion

Biomega renews its curatorial commitment to cherry picking the world’s top designers to design its bicycles. Ross Lovegrove displays his organic essentialist sensibility through his fresh vision of an integrated bicycle. His integrated solutions and groundbreaking design makes the LDN bicycle a true urban tool. While Danish design super group KiBiSi stirs things up with an innovative newcomer NYC, following Biomega’s heritage of chainless bikes featuring a belt drive for smooth urban commuting and an integrated mudguard.

Copenhagen, Denmark - August 20th, 2010: Biomega once again combines groundbreaking design with strong urban references and technical features to accommodate modern city lifestyle. The result is two striking city bikes for effective commuting in style, bringing the feel of something unique while moving through the cityscape.

The LDN bike, designed by organic essentialist Ross Lovegrove, and the NYC, designed by Danish design group KiBiSi, both follow the Biomega philosophy of “furniture for urban locomotion”. Classic and honest in their style and function, they meet the specific needs of city dwellers.

A true urban tool The LDN amazes with its stunning design by London based Ross Lovegrove. Its frame is made from carbon fiber sheets formed and layered to make a stiff and lightweight one-piece monocoque structure. LDN’s form is derived from a wishbone, linking all the necessary components of the drive steering and drives systems in the most direct and economical way possible. The hole is there to lighten the bike’s mass and to provide a detail from which to hang the bicycle on the wall, thereby saving space in restricted urban interiors. All moving parts of the bicycle are state-of-the-art selections designed to make LDN a true urban tool.

The potential of a classic The NYC takes its cue from the iconic Biomega bicycle CPH, reinvigorating Biomega's status as a pioneer of chainless bikes - this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The NYC's sleek and no-nonsense look integrates a front mudguard in the aluminum down tube complimenting its aggressive, yet reliable urban driving properties. The NYC is designed by the three creative forces of Danish design group, KiBiSi, with the ambition to create an honest means of transport with the potential of a classic. Biomega dedicates this ultimate bicycle to the ultimate city - NYC.

NYC features

- Designed by KiBiSi - Aluminum frame - Belt drive - Integrated mudguard in down tube - Single or 8 speed
- 26 inch wheels - Unisize
Colors: Aspen Pearl White, African Yellow, Aluminum Silver and Dragon Black
NYC available from spring 2011

LDN features

- Designed by Ross Lovegrove - Carbon frame - Shaft drive - 8 speed
- 26 inch wheels - Unisize
Colors: Aspen Pearl White, African Yellow and Raw Carbon
LDN is build on order

The LDN bicycle will be displayed at the SHOWHOW design exhibition in Tent London on September 23rd to 26th 2010, while both LDN and NYC will be presented at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September 2010.

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  • fish fingers

    A hole to save weight lol
    plus you don't need a hole to wall hang a bike. A hole to bury this pants bike wd be more useful

  • Trevor

    Oh dear, Ross should stick to designing basins.

  • KMG

    not particularly pretty, it has to be said

  • Henk

    Wasn't that in his book (Lovegrove) like a decade ago?

  • bill

    I am interested in knowing how well the integrated mud guard works.

  • gray

    Agree with bill. Also, the mud guard is more important in the rear than the front. Don't want that mud butt!

  • ken

    pointless design. the downtube acts as a natural mudguard. sure you might get less mud on your jeans/pants, meanwhile the back of your shirt/jumper is getting painted with mud.

  • Jon

    LDN: What a waste of resources and time! Long time I haven't seen a design so pointless and over-styled!

  • Jonathan

    The Lovegrove design makes use of the Biomega Shaft-drive system, which is one of the heaviest drive systems you can find in the market today. This shaft-drive in combination with an 8 speed hub gear makes one beast of a heavy bike in itself. If Lovegrove is so concerned about weight, why does he choose to design a bike around this system?

    Regarding the KiBiSi bike; mudguards only function properly when they are mounted close to the wheel, cover from as closely to the ground as possible, stretching all the way over the wheel to the bottom bracket (rear) or passed the front fork. This design will get you and your fellow road users very wet.

    While "cherry picking" the designers, and being concerned with "curatorial commitment", they seem to forget the basics of making a innovative and good product. Its not a surprise Biomega seems to exist mostly in the media rather then on the streets. Not the designer names or title your bikes "LDN" or "NYC" seem to be able to change that.

    • klaus_77

      Why? probably for the same reason he designed a magnesium chair, a super light material, which ended up beeing massively heavy and cumbersome, (although quite nice shape and details i concede).

  • twittwat

    Ross is obviously not into cycling.
    There is a reason most bikesframes are triangle shaped

  • how bout "über-blasé"

  • The main issue in LDN and NYC is theft. Only wanky hipster fools ride 5k bikes around either city. “sob sob my baby blue fixie…” “never mind Tarquin we’ll get you a new bike for your birthday”

  • ced.

    Designers are meant to solve problems, not make something weird or different in hope of getting media attention. Pointless and incompetent! This does nothing for society.
    Yet again a carbon fiber wet dream by "captain organic". What exactly is organic about carbon fiber?
    Carbon fiber is probably only used to solve a fundamental structural problem that was self imposed using this wishbone shape. "cool" shape, but doesn't work, so just drop it!
    Please don't waste time with designers with no ethics nor sense of priorities!

    • Brian

      Um, Carbon is the element that makes things "organic"- Elementary Chemistry.

  • Merel

    Ross is obviously not into cycling.

    There is a reason bikeframes are triangle shaped.
    It looks like it is supposed to be a sporty race bike, then the shape really doesn't make any sense. So it's not about actual speed only about looking speedy?
    I prefer Cervélo's bike designs.

  • Don Pablo

    Please can anyone point me a bike manufacturer that has commited so strong into building new concept of two wheeled transport?…I think you guys are so far of being biomega riders than me as being president…so stick to your old and conventional bikes and post somewhere else!!!!

    • klaus_77

      Not liking this particular design doesn't equal liking only "old and conventional", critical posts are perfectly valid, get it? so please state your opinion and let others have theirs.

  • themark

    Only designers will buy these bikes, and then, only designers who don't really know anything about bikes. Just like that Aprillia by Starck that flopped.

  • Xit

    LDNby Lovegrove looks like something Raymond Loewy might have got away with back in the 'streamlining' days where anything 'fast' looking sold.

  • klaus

    That LDN is bad with gusto, Lovegrove is the new Rashid?

  • dudes, check out nim bike

  • bodkin

    asdfghjkl, pull your neck in and stop hating. either comment on the design or keep your pointless comments to yourself

    • ha ha ha you can talk Bodkin!
      How's your Oscar Diaz slur campaign going?
      I notice that you stick one on him every time he posts something on Dezeen!
      As much as you might try and pretend you are making interesting comments we can always see what you are up to! Were you not crowned King of Fools a while back?

      Okay – you want a comment on the design? On Gross Selflove's bicycle? It's ugly (organically ugly) – massively over designed (that's 'designed') and makes no progress in his self proclaimed 'organic essentialism' game. I agree with the comment above – bikes are triangle shaped to maximize strength versus material usage – here, because it's not a simple triangle, we end up with a massive swooshy (cliched) bit of plastic (yes it's plastic – not just carbon fibre) in the centre (which may be cause wind issues travelling at super sonic speeds in NYC or LDN traffic).

      In the end – it's simply over priced for a city bike which will most probably get stolen after one month if parked outside an office block.

      Damn hipsters.

      • bikelove

        "Gross Selflove" -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        Well, design reports and articles are 99% A-licking without any critical thinking so it's great to see Dezeen keeps the door open for real-world comments. (At designboom most comments would have been deleted.)

        I think most can agree these bikes are quite crappy from a design point of view, but as Biomega is still around I assume they have found a market and I wish them good luck. Making bikes is at least a good thing!

        For the ones that really love beautyful bikes this is the place: http://myoldbicycle.com

  • Ivo

    Kylie Minogue used to sing the locomotion

  • Robert Swan

    I would like to know how you replace the rear gear and brake cables?

  • Roxanne

    Its cool!Wonder if there are cars with these designs.