The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss


The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

Porcelain containers based on insect eggs by Dutch designer Anke Weiss are on show as part of Eat Drink Design at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this week. 

The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

Called The Incubator Series, the pieces were developed from microscopic photographs of eggs.

The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

Eat Drink Design is a temporary restaurant furnished with designers' work. See our story about last year's Eat Drink Design here.

The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

Dutch Design Week continues until 31 October.

The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

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The Incubator Series by Anke Weiss

The information below is from Weiss:

Eat Drink Design is presenting the series 'Incubators' by Anke Weiss at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

The Incubator Series are a collection of porcelain vessels based on the aesthetics of insect eggs.

Strangely familiar yet very alien these shapes evoke a feeling of unsettling attraction.

In this work science meets imagination. While originally based on microscopic photography, the objects remain products of the mind.

Combining its scientific meaning of developing a life form for a particular purpose or quality, the term 'incubation' refers to the development of an idea or a dream as well.

The objects show an offensive expansion resembling prehistoric depictions of fertility gods and the very general impression of potent breeding power.

The elementary and primitive shapes of the Incubator Series create a tension that touches rudimentary emotions while describing the essential process of creation.

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  • Lewis Mitchell

    My morning OJ poured from Alien egg sack? I think I'll pass thanks.

  • morgan geist

    Hello, This is Morgan Geist,

    Now, I just read this 3 times, and still can't grasp the idea.
    The level irrelevance of these objects from humanity and beauty is considerably high.

    I imagine they are made from a small discovery, and one which is not new.

    Marcel Wanders was magnifying his snot 5 yrs ago, and also making egg vases. In the case of Marcel Wanders, he utilised technology and questioned the status of the designer by selling replications of his snot. He didn't need to write a diatribe to justify his actions. He just let it me in the design arena.

    The more you write, the more you hide.

    snot vase

    egg vase


  • Hannes Gumpp

    Hello, This is Hannes Gumpp,

    I`m certainly not a fan of harsh criticism within blogs – as it`s often very unpersonal and reminds me of the anonymous agression between car drivers on a crowded highway.

    So – I don`t want to criticise Anke Weiss or her work personally.

    It`s that never ending dutch academicism that bores me.
    That endlessly repetitive "lookslikeavantgarde" kind of thing…

    Do we really need a third generation of droog?

    yours, Hannes

  • "Strangely familiar yet very alien these shapes evoke a feeling of" Marcel Wander's egg vase: