The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke
by Overtreders W


The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

This inflatable pillow on stilts is a picnic pavilion designed by Netherlands design studio Overtreders W.

The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

Called The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke, the inflatable roof is filled with hot air heated by a wood stove, the centrepiece of the pavilion, and provides shelter for the bar and picnic tables below.

The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

The roof is illuminated at night, providing light for the picnickers heating their food on the stove.

The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

The mobile pavilion can house up to 40 people. It was created for, an event celebrating the festival of All Souls Day, and was installed at three locations.

The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

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The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke by Overtreders W

Here's some more information from the designers:

The roof that goes up in smoke - a mobile outdoor pavilion by Overtreders W

For, an event to celebrate All soul’s day, Dutch design studio Overtreders W designed a mobile outdoor pavilion. The pavilion, a meeting place for sharing food and stories, was called “Het dak dat opgaat in rook” (the roof that goes up in smoke). It consists of two large picnic tables, a floating roof that provides shelter for the tables and a wood stove.

The roof is blown up and lifted with hot air. The wood stove heating up the air is also the centre piece of the pavilion, to be used for making hot chocolate, roast chestnuts, pumpkin soup or jacket potatoes. The pavilion sits up to 40 people, and lights their picnic in the dark autumn night.

The pavilion was designed for, an event inspired by the concept Allerzielen Alom from the artist Ida van der Lee. It was installed in three different locations in the south of Holland: at a graveyard in Roosendaal, at an institution for mental health in Biezenmortel and at a graveyard in Breda.

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  • Anna

    Lovely! How is it lit?

  • Bashar

    lovely design. based on function before looks, something that you don't see very often now a days. reminds me of PUBLIC by AvroKO.
    Love the light quality and the atmosphere it makes.
    The only concern is wouldn't it collect rain in the middle and deflate especially with such a very low pressure ? !

  • PeeWeen

    Although all good ideas= too many in one! This inflatable pillow is great and stilts too, but dont go together at all..

    • san

      why not? I like the contrasting appearence of the upright columns and the horizontally floating roof/cloud. if for instance the roof would blend seamlessly into the columns it would loose its lightness and floating appearence.

  • Loren Zio

    great idea!


    This is one of those "I wish i had thought of that", moments. The structure is as fun and unpredictable as a picnic.

  • Flip Sellin

    good idea. anyone remembers the cloud lights called globlow by snowcrash from the late 90ies?

  • Marina

    Looks like Overtreders W "borrowed" the design from the artwork Temps Couvert by French artist Perrine Lievens: