Metropol Parasol by J Mayer H


Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

Architects J Mayer H have completed a giant latticed timber canopy as part of their redevelopment of the Plaza de la Encarnacíon in Seville, Spain.

Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

The Metropol Parasol scheme includes an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, and bars and restaurants, all contained beneath and within the parasol structure.

Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

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Here are some more details from the architects:

Completion of Metropol Parasol

April 2011 marks the completion of "Metropol Parasol", the Redevelopment of the Plaza de la Encarnacíon in Seville. Designed by J Mayer H architects, this project has already become the new landmark for Seville, - a place of identification and to articulate Seville's role as one of the world´s most fascinating cultural destinations. "Metropol Parasol" explores the potential of the Plaza de la Encarnacion to become the new contemporary urban centre. Its role as a unique urban space within the dense fabric of the medieval inner city of Seville allows for a great variety of activities such as memory, leisure and commerce. A highly developed infrastructure helps to activate the square, making it an attractive destination for tourists and locals alike.

Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

The "Metropol Parasol" scheme with its impressive timber structures offers an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the very top of the parasols. Realized as one of the largest and most innovative bonded timber-constructions with a polyurethane coating, the parasols grow out of the archaeological excavation site into a contemporary landmark, defining a unique relationship between the historical and the contemporary city. "Metropol Parasols" mix-used character initiates a dynamic development for culture and commerce in the heart of Seville and beyond.

Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

Above photograph is by Fernando Alda

International Competition: 1. Prize, 2004
Project: 2004-2011
Opening: March 27th 2011
Completion: April 2011
Client: Ayuntamiento de Sevilla and SACYR
Architects: J Mayer H Architects
Technical Consultant and Multidisciplinary Engineers for Realization: Arup
Timber Construction Company: Finnforest-Merk GmbH, Aichach

Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H.

Above photograph is by Fernando Alda

  • I saw it last summer while it was under construction. It'll be interesting to see if they're able to activate the upper plaza deck. It'll be hard to convince people to go up there to hang out. Especially in that sun!

    • rick

      then maybe it's best utilized during evening and night hours.

  • stephan

    beautiful future for us worker bees – loving the honey comb

  • Maybe a bit off scale… The aerial photos are quite scary, but looks interesting!

  • Joao

    can anyone find any good thing about this project?
    context- no
    structure-no (fake cladding on huge concrete column)

    • something like this was what people said about the Eiffel tower a while ago… :D not it is the symbol of Paris…
      anyway I like this a lot, it looks bizarre enough to make me visit it one day

  • uuu

    a great leap forward

    • ppp

      Towards a cliff?

  • sara

    …it looks very clumsy.

  • Arc

    Looks cool. But is it really practical?
    Plus what's happened to "respect the historical environment" axiom?

    • karl

      The Centre Pompidou happened.

  • rock

    too big, too massive; overoccupies the square. that's the experienced impression. also i think it's a waste of wood – why not in recycled plastic or something of less value?
    demasiado grande, demasiado masiva; sobre ocupa la plaza, la rellena demasiado. esa es la impresión de experiencia, de haberlo visitado. También creo que es un desperdicio de madera – ¿por qué no de plástico reciclado o algo de menor valor?

  • I love the concept and even the forms.. But after seeing it in real i was very dissapointed.
    Finishings have been done very rudementary, the first thing you notice al the big black joints and cables everywhere.

    I believe this project must have been wonderfull in its renders and makettes. Even these pictures give an very positive idea, but the reality is unfortunatly untrue..

    Furthermore its completly unsuitable for Sevillia's climate as 'Adam' mentioned.

  • Klaus Zoia

    This should be Architecture? I've been to Sevilla many times while it was under construction and I think it has nothing to do with that city, it is completely out of scale and it has no respect for the context, not only for its shape, but also materials (wood? seriously?) and construction (every junction seems a mistake..not to mention the little oval in the upper left part of the first picture…??) my opinion this is nothing but a huge "mistake", the fact that they can use Rhino is not a symptom of great architecture or innovation at all.
    Trees could have done the same, with better results.

  • its like a school project but 1-to-1 scale. The first time ive ever seen it translate from theoretical structural model to actual construction. Interesting! and Sublime.

    • ppp

      "It's like a school project" is supposed to be a compliment? This is real life, a real place, real people enjoying or suffering (and paying its 500% overcost)

  • nicey

    cad design at it's worst. overbearingly monumental and with nothing of the translucent delicacy that a hand held cotton parasol acheives.

  • I was expecting much love for this in the comments, so it's heartening to see a lot of people with more respect for context and quality than wacky rhino designs. I think the top walkway looks very beautiful though and will be nice in the evenings and cooler parts of the year.

  • guest

    I think it is awesome. its a new typology and new apporach. It doesnt have to be totally respectful to the surrounding all the time. the best architecture in history never followed the scale of its sourrounding. I am glad that sevilla is one of the brave cities who are trying to experiment and maybe create something we all didnt think of at first. good work

    • Dave

      "the best architecture in history never followed the scale of its sourrounding" Would you mind posting the history books you have been reading? This project is terrible.

      • william

        Peter Zumthor speaks about how new buildings are like dropping a stone in a pond: at first there are ripples, but eventually as the stone settles so does the water and in the end, the stone has become part of the pond and the pond is never the same.

        I know the locals in Seville hate this thing. However, eventually they will accept it. Context is really irrelevant, so long as what you are referring to as context is myopic historical nostalgia.

  • Hercule Poirot

    Looks like giant tripes. In Portugal they call it dobrada. I'm sure the Spanish love it. They eat everything, anyway.

  • sara

    completely out of scale…. completely out of urban context… no reading of the urban enviroment!!!

  • Jesus

    Impressive, when you're there you feel you are under one of the most impressive buildings of the last decade !

  • Karlo

    Come on Guys, this is AWESOME ! I am not a big fan of all the recent J Mayer H projects, but you have to respect the Fact that this project is actually REALIZED, whereas most projects like this end up in the render state. Big respectt also to the city of Sevilla for having the guts to actually build this Project. If everyone was thinking like all the posts before there would be no Eiffel Tower, no Empire state building and basically no iconic buildings. To me espacially a city with the tradition of Sevilla can afford a few outstanding buildings. It doesnt hurt the city structure at all and the aerial pic is just amazing !

    • Hercule Poirot

      "If everyone was thinking like all the posts before there would be no Eiffel Tower, no Empire state building and basically no iconic buildings."
      Indeed and we would be much happier. Or do you really think the Eiffel tower is a beautiful building ? Or a good one. Oscar Wilde said that all things of beuty are useless. That doesn't mean that all useless tings are beauties. Your examples are just symptomatic for gigantic ego's of architects and/or developpers. Let us first restore the existing before adding new constructions to this planet.

  • Jota

    Respect it is realized?

    It has been realized for 70% extra money (from 50 to 89 Million euros) and with a 4 year delay. Guts and buldings…. bad combination when the guts are politician's guts and the buildings are public funded. You can have all the guts you want, as long as i'm not paying for them. Eiffel Tower was actually quite cheap. Empire State is private building.

    The fact that an architect (And certainly most starchitects) takes pride in building something late and out of budget (SO late and SO out of budget), specially when we are talking about public, taxpayers money, still amazes me.

    • Clotaire Rapaille

      Metropol Parasol is also privately financed …
      It's a wonder … no doubt

  • Roger Emmerson

    Grotesque. Is there a graph which charts Spain's economic woes against the rise of monstrous projects such this and Eisenman's Santiago de Compostela defecation?

  • Ali

    Have to agree with the guy above…havent we had enough of context praising, politically correct projects? much kudos to sevillia for being bold enough to realize this project which is also a competition winner dont forget…

  • James

    This guy's middle name is Overdesigned.

  • From above it looks scary big, but looking under it kinda cool.
    => not convinced about that scale.
    in the right scale this would be a cool place to cool down ;)

  • Remy

    Just ugly, big shame for architecture

  • Climax

    za za za, this is sooooooo 2003

  • fgop

    Mayer has interpreted perfectly the sevillian thought. For something that should be etern or at least The icon for the XXI century, had translated the “Portal de Feria” to the maximum scale. Wrong construction? thats the way we build here. Look for a right line in the town.

    • Klaus Zoia

      I don't wan to to be rude, but while I was there noone told me that this was sevillan or that they like it or even that this was " perfectly the sevillan thought" at all from the people who worked in the market in that square to various architects.
      For right construction, it's only about straight lines and 90° angles, I kind of know the way they build in Sevilla..
      "Look for a right line in the town"?
      Find me a wood building in the town…
      This "thing" as almost the same scale of the coutyard of the Giralda..or the Plaza de Toros and it is nearly half of the building of the Universidad…but those have a meaning, and a function…the "thing" has none of those..
      Would you prefer to stay under this building or in the courtyards of the Alcazar? or along the river near the "Torre del Oro" or even in the narrow colourful streets? easy choice for me…This is not Sevilla..

  • bcndc

    In an area that seems to be lacking green space, why wouldn't you just plant trees? While the construction is interesting, I fail to see the cost-benefit of its construction.

  • abunuha

    at last!! built!!

  • Karlo

    maybe because the design is from 2003 ?

  • Shane

    I wonder how many trees were kIlled for this giant out of scale fake trees…

  • John

    where'd you get that glue? i want to use it for one of my first year architecture undergraduate proejcts

  • Stephanie Couch

    While it does seem out of scale, it still is brave and gutsy.

  • Dezy

    It looks like trees made of dead trees…

  • Tom in Shanghai

    When I saw the thumbnail I was hoping it was merely a realistic rendering of a 5 minute rhino model – a very sad reality and a big waste of resources for debt-stricken Spain.

  • howardchungbest

    Impressive. But it is a pity that the visitors cannot literally touch the structure. It makes it difficult to establish a tangible relationship with the locals…

  • Domilly

    Do people not comprehend that it is a giant parasol?

  • S.

    I know this is an old discussion, but I just happened to see this building and I really want to say one thing; you can like or not the shape and its dimensions, but it works.

    I saw it last Sunday and it was full of people, children playing, old men relaxing, young boys eating and meeting each other. I think this is the most important thing that a building must achieve; it really belongs to the people who live in the city.