Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino


Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino

Portuguese artist Didier Faustino has created a mask that clamps over the faces of a kissing couple.

Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino

Called Doppelgänger, the 3D-printed mask holds the wearers' heads apart at a fixed angle while hole at the centre allow their mouths to meet.

Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino

The piece is on show at the Lafayette Maison in Paris.

Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino

Photos are courtesy of Didier Faustino and Galerie Michel Rein.

The information that follows is from Didier Faustino:



As part of the "Conversations" circuit at Designer's Days, Didier Faustino is installing "Interzone" in the windows of Lafayette Maison with Doppelgänger, a piece produced for the occasion.

A white mask separates into two. Its conjoined parts fuse together recreating a sort of prosthesis for a mirror kiss.

The double entry mask pivots the heads of those who put it on, defining the minimum limits, an immaterial border becoming real.

Doppelgänger seems to prevent contact and yet it reveals a link, the meeting of the mouths which slot into one another through a perfectly traced, proportioned orifice.

Like a hygienist mask maintained in equilibrium, Doppelgänger appears to be like a prosthesis which controls the kiss.

Doppelgänger forces the tête-à-tête to feel the other, to let them slip into their inner world, with the risk of meeting their alter ego and losing themselves within it.

Didier Faustino benefited from the support of, a platform entirely online which allows extremely refined objects to be produced from 3D digital files.

An installation in the windows of Lafayette Maison from 16th to 20th June 2011.
35 bd Haussmann
75009 Paris

  • design for sex

    Kinky! I want one. Nice.

  • nick

    Not quite safe for work. Whoever photoshopped this missed a nip.

  • boyscout

    well, I guess its kinda cool.. if you have a really long tongue or if you just wanna make kissing sterile and non-personal

  • Rocco

    How about designing a mask for yawning…

  • Why? I am not sure I get the design or the concept behind it at all. Isn't the point of the action the lack of restraint and impromptu nature of the it all?

  • James

    I'm getting sick of designers trying to insult society's intelligence by pretending we care about their narcissistic marketing fodder.

    • Andrew Owl

      I cannot click on Like more that one, and is frustrating. You nailed it.

  • someone

    if it wasn't sad i would be laughing my head off.
    even light fun designs need some kind of responsable thought behind it.
    what if this joke actually catches and becomes fashionable??
    An insult to the human race.

  • strange

    Should be an inspiration for the maker of The Human Centipede!!! hehe.

  • vkmultra

    designers should be engaged in creative thought towards things that actually help to improve the human condition

  • Dave

    This on is almost as bad as the nose to work your touch phone whilst in the bath…
    If you think about it, it reduces a kiss to a one dimensional possibility… stick your tongue through here only…. might help those who haven't mastered the art of kissing though… at least they will get the basic idea of a meeting of mouths right.

  • Hercule Poirot

    Considering the amount of garlic used in portuguese cooking I would consider to develop a version without a hole.
    I'm also thinking about a full head version for portuguese artists. Avoiding them to brainstorm.
    Notice to portuguese artists : this was a joke. I love garlic. I love your country. I even live there !

  • Mrfox

    Doesn't really look comfortable. sometimes i wonder what runs through people's minds.

  • Dicken Cider

    A design for the pelvis region is next.

    • nicey

      yup, and one for eskimos noses; plus a really useful one of a pair of right handed gloves for site meetings (and some clients too)

  • question

    Are you guys sure that it's a product ? …

  • sarah

    I'm beginning to question Dezeen's editorial policy; if you feel the need to include a topless woman in the story, irrelevantly, then why does it need to be the top image? Unless you're aiming purely to titillate – which is something I wouldn't expect from this website.

    There's just been a bit too much of this sort of thing on Dezeen recently, and it's starting to annoy me.

    • Hercule Poirot

      What about a PCP (political correctness police), Sarah. Don't overreact. It's just a nipple or two. Who cares ? I read Dezeen every day and personnaly I didn't notice any sexyst tendency in it. After all : it's the designers or architects who send in the pictures. Not the editors.

  • minchiozzo

    money…time…material….such a waste of them

  • thedesigner

    Weird design,kinda similar for dog protection.

  • Helge

    James Says:

    June 21st, 2011 at 4:19 am

    I’m getting sick of designers trying to insult society’s intelligence by pretending we care about their narcissistic marketing fodder.

    Thanks thats exactly what i think.

    And also, it is not even funny!

    Please don t ruin this very nice website.

  • felix

    "Doppelgänger forces the tête-à-tête to feel the other, to let them slip into their inner world, with the risk of meeting their alter ego and losing themselves within it."

    The author of sentence should win some sort of prize. A bad prize.

  • scanner

    one word : STUPID

  • Bobolouli

    hahahahaha, Looks like something alot of these uptight types would (or are already)use/using. I agree, takes away the fun of getting personal, but, for the kinky kind, Im sure theres all sorts of things the mind can come up with…

  • Frank

    At first I thought this was a funny/witty social commentry product designed as a
    mask for public displays of affection.
    Reading on I'm disappointed and confused that someone has created something pointless, kissing is about being intimate, why shove a piece of plastic in the way?
    Too go to their level, "with the risk of meeting their alter ego and losing themselves within it" isnt that the point of romance, to lose yourself in the world of your partner?
    I can't imagine what market this would appeal to…

  • cOLAPS

    Portuguese do it better!!

  • n1i2c3o4l5e

    Is it for not chatching a cold?

  • amsam

    There's a line where high-theory industrial design overlaps into purely exploratory/provocative art objects. I personally enjoy stuff that skirts that line– and this is maybe not the very most interesting one– but one can't even have that conversation because it seems most dezeen commenters have no idea that's what they're looking at. It's kind of depressing about the average level of dezeen-reader intelligence. I mean, I get it if folks would rather see purely practical objects, but at least try to understand what this is. On the other hand, I adore the sheer wide-eyed alarm of the commenter who posts, "what if this joke actually catches and becomes fashionable??" Get out there and kiss some people properly sir– help save humanity from this nefarious invention!!

    • I agree completely. It seems that most of the readers here (or the commenters, at least) are treating this device as if it were being marketed for resale to the general public. This is a conceptual design/art object, not a marketed product. It is meant to foster intellectual contemplation of a normally mundane action, and is definitely not intended to be treated as a pragmatic object with an everyday application.

      Things without practical purposes are not a waste of time or material, nor are they necessarily narcissistic on the part of the artist or designer. There's nothing "useful" about much modern art, but it is still acknowledged to be intellectually enriching and therefore valuable to society.

      Everyone, please make an effort to see pieces like this as they were intended to be seen, and not to ridicule them for being impractical.

  • salient

    I agree with AMSAM – Based on your comments as designers, I'd venture to say you're lacking in true artistic immagination. Besides what can be more honest and practical than a SEX toy or gadget that does not mask it's intention. Especially since everything you do or want is ultimately in pursuit of SEX (whether it be for single or multiple partners) – everything, from the car you drive or wish you could drive – down to what you wear and own, you don't own it for it's own sake but rather for it's potential power to attract what you really want, which at the very core of human nature is more sexual attention. We don't NEED any of the crap we design and make, it's all theire simply to make us more attractive as potential mates – this same behavior is evident everywhere in nature. Have brighter colors = more sex. Have greater strength = more sex. Have greater power = more sex. Have nicer digs = more sex. And on, and on, and on.

    • Hercule Poirot

      Have more sex = more sex. Interesting theory …

  • NStrieter

    You can't look at Didier's work as a single object as his industrial design and architecture is a set of objects about the delineation of space and interpersonal interaction in a world of growing physical isolation. The intimate connections Didier highlights in his work have been discarded in favor of technological connections. His work generally deals with or creates what he calls "temporary autonomous zones," and before everyone becomes completely dismissive of such a project it would not hurt to understand his intent. I suggest looking at just a few of his previous projects such as:
    Personal Billboard (a digital billboard connected to a single room apt/home)
    One meter square house
    Domestic Stage
    Sky is the Limit, (a two room tea house lifted 20m for isolation)
    Double Happiness (a two person swingset lifted on a platform placed in an urban setting)
    Hand Architecture (a mask/megaphone for two people)
    Body in Transit (a shipping container for shipping a singular person in a plane as cargo)

  • Hello

    I must agree with amsam. Lighten up.

    Also, is anyone honestly offended by a nipple these days?

  • Kath

    Amsam you are the one and only person who has made an intelligent comment here. The others are all taking this way too literally read into it a little and stop being so stiff and boring! Thanks amsam :)

  • Zino

    Anything that encourages kissing is fine by me.

  • Zino

    PS: More nipples, please.

    • Hercule Poirot

      More nipples = more sex

      • SteveLeo

        Do people with a third nipple get more sex?