by Sharon Golan


For those who can't ever have too many shoes, these 16 modular components combine to make 256 different pairs.

MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

The MyShell256 shoes by graduate designer Sharon Golan are each assembled from four parts, strapped to the wearer's foot with silicon bands.

MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

The rigid thermoplastic pieces move independently as the foot flexes with no connecting bridge between the heel and ball of the foot, much like Julian Hakes' Mojito Shoe.

MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

Golan developed the range while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem - see more work by the academy's graduates here.

MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

She plans to develop a range or jewellery and bags using the same concept.

MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

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MyShell256 by Sharon Golan

Here are some more details from Sharon Golan:

‏My shoe collection originated from a minimalistic design concept, which at the same time allows for great variety.

‏The inspiration came from the terrestrial crust, which is shaped by internal pressure and stress- it cracks, swells, moves,
and responds to any changes, in the same way as the foot.

My set of shoes combines basic shapes, different techniques with industrial materials.

16 modular units are inspired by four models - parts of fruit peel, egg, earth, and shell.

These units are can be assembled using silicon-rubber bands, resulting in 256 different shaped shoes.

‏The project is accompanied by an interactive internet site (coming soon), showing the entire set of shoes.

  • Phill

    Clever idea! Ugly components!

  • They seem too flimsy. Very likely the shoes would fall apart during a fast walk.

  • xtiaan

    256 different shoes, and all of them ugly and uncomfortable!

  • Lea

    Amazing & original design. You can really see the depth in design thinking, I would love to buy, wear it and be a part of this shoe world this talented designer suggests.

  • Roi

    Wonderful idea, very ecological. Maiby their is a place to re design. But it’s can be a great heat.

  • Irena

    Where can I buy the parts?

  • jonathan

    lovely idea, innovative shapes, with that courage i'm looking foreword to see more of her!!!
    good luck girl!

  • Nez

    Just an exercise in a 3 Dimensional Design class. Quite ugly, if I may add. Great idea, though.

  • mondo

    I have to say….it's amazing :) great to see young designers with such great ideas….

    can i get her E-mail?

  • antony

    it is nice to see other kind of plastic shoes, out of the big company. as i understood it is not a finished product. but it can be with a little push. it’s alway good to see a new disigner that think out of the box.

    wish you luck.

  • Loos

    Reminds me of Mr. Potato Head.

  • I second the potato head comment. Anyway, the concept offers no protection from the elements and it looks like the models have been walking around in a dumpsite for plastic materials. No form, no function, no go.