Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux


Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Tokyo 2011: French designer Emmanuelle Moureaux presented a wedding dress made from 500 snowflake-like baubles at this year's DesignTide Tokyo.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Named Toge, which is the Japanese word for ‘thorn’, the spiky shapes are made from wire that is more commonly used for the strings inside pianos.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

The bristles of the modular products were slotted together to create the dress, but can also be used to construct freestanding sculptures and partitions in an assortment of rainbow colours.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux is based in Tokyo and exhibited another modular product at the design festival there last year - you can see more of our stories about the designer here.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Photography is by Daisuke Shimokawa and Nacasa & Partners.

The following text is from Emmanuelle Moureaux:

“Sharp-pointed thorns. It is a manifestation of its aggressiveness that it will not let others come near, and a manifestation of its own weakness. Aggressiveness and Weakness. When wrapped around in the two conflicting senses, I feel like reaching out and touch the pain in spite of myself.”

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

“toge” meaning “ thorn” in Japanese, is a modular product that combines (interlocking to each other) freely to create spaces.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

“toge” could be used as an architectural module for creating spaces, walls or partitions, or for creating free-standing sculptural pieces.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

“toge” looks soft and light as dandelion flowers but is hard as a sea urchin or chesnut.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

For its 1st presentation at DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2011, emmanuelle designed a wedding dress made up of 500 pieces.

Toge by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Material: piano wire / epoxy resin
Weight: 2g / toge
Size: 147mm
Colors: 14 colors + white

  • hey!

    wedding? are u sure its not for christmas?

  • These are really cool, i love the structure and how they interlock to create this form. Also the colours really work well. I wonder how it feels to wear?

  • zee

    beautiful project !!!

    note: Emmanuelle Moureaux is an architect (and twice so – in France and Japan).
    Render unto Caesar…

  • Gorgeous! Although….hard to imagine the groom being able to get near in a dress like that…. :) I love the irony of it being a wedding dress, which is usually "soft", not prickly….the surrealism in it is wonderful.

    • If you *really* hate your in-laws and want to avoid hugging them at the reception, this is the perfect dress :P

  • mmmmmh

    aren't you actually supposed to 'wear' a dress? just asking

  • Aren't you supposed to get 'pricked' after the ceremony ;)

  • I imagine the bride would just BLEED to death by the time she reached the altar!

  • queenb

    what if the bride would stumble and fall?

  • L.

    beautiful work, although it reminds me of a caterpillar.