Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep.


Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

Diners can climb into wooden booths modelled on railway carriages in the second Fabbrica pizzeria completed by Dutch design studio Tjep.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

Located in the coastal village of Bergen, the restaurant repeats the most successful features from the earlier Rotterdam restaurant, including its mosaic-patterned pizza oven.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

The wooden seating booths line one wall of the Bergen dining room, featuring suspended tabletops and chandeliers.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

Wood for the oven is stored on a wall of criss-crossing shelves, where electrical socket clusters are mounted on large red squares.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

You can compare this restaurant to its predecessor by following this link to our earlier story, or see all our stories about Tjep. here.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

Photography is by Yannic Alidarso.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

Here's some more explanation from Frank Tjepkema:

After the success of Fabbrica Rotterdam (completed in 2005) we were asked to design a second Fabbrica in the famous costal artist village of Bergen in The Netherlands.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

We revisited several of the original elements, for example the train cabins with a new look and feel, we like the concept for it's intimacy and romanticism for there is nothing more relaxing and engaging then enjoying a nice dinner on a train while looking at nice landscapes.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

This installation is lifted from the ground and suggests travel and movement.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

The large Pizza Oven covered with Bisazza tiles is an absolute eye-catcher and the very industrial wood containers hold all the wood to fuel the oven and all the electricity to fuel the lights!

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

As for the general looks we decided to take a more earthly and less gloss and shine approach as compared to Fabbrica Rotterdam.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

In Bergen we show materials instead of using painted surfaces.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

We did this to be more in touch with the economic context of the moment.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

It's not time for Bling Bling anymore, people want more authenticity and less entertainment.

Fabbrica Bergen by Tjep

  • How can waiter-waitress serve, in first photo.

  • Diego

    Poor waiters-waitresses! Looks cramped and with all those hard edges + pole in the way!? nice not always better…

  • Suchitra

    I loved it…assuming that's a self-service restaurant…

  • I agree that it must be pretty difficult for the waiter-waitress to serve, but I love the concept:-)

  • Easy

    How about the guest helping the waiter-waitress by taking over the plates as he/she hands them over? Sometimes the solution is so simple you don't even have to design it.

  • carolina zhang

    Whimsical and fun, but should remain as a concept.

    I think it's important for designers to research a product/ space before designing for it. IN this case, a waiter is the integral part of dining. If it's self service, even worse! Who will clean up the spills that are waiting to happen?

    silly! just silly. LOL

  • The way the tables are suspended looks too complicated. Just bolt them to the wall the old-fashioned way and get rid of those arms.

  • airborn

    Agree with the above comments regarding the suspended booths. But the large dining table with the sofa seats is even more awkward. Imagine sitting at the far end of the table and you need to pay a visit to the happy room. LOL.

  • elizabeth

    love the idea of using the functional firewood as a design element!

  • Incredible, would love to see the construction details of the booths…

  • via

    Yeah, may be sitting in the booths eating is a good feeling. Love it.

  • billcanada

    It looks really uncomfortable.

  • Bie L

    Great if you’re in a wheelchair. The booths are so accessible!