Project001 Masked Creature
by Stickyline

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

Architects Stickyline have created a range of paper helmets shaped like iconic buildings from the Hong Kong skyline.

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

They selected buildings flanking Victoria Harbour including (left to right above) the Cultural Centre, Space Museum, International Finance Centre, HSBC Headquarters and the Convention and Exhibition Centre, then folded each one from brightly coloured sheets of paper.

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

Stickyline created the helmets as part of the deTour 2011 design event in Hong Kong from 25 November to 11 December.

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

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Here's some more information from Stickyline:

Let’s put on the architectural structures of Hong Kong and join city’s massive party!

On this international island where culture, economy, finance, and tourism converge, a metropolis has been created. Architectural structures created continue to exist in this city. Yet, in a way, they are masked as we do not pay much attention to them as we hustle past them each day. These structures give us both a sense of familiarity and strangeness as they have become part of our lives without our recognition.

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

“Masked creature” uncovers the architectural buildings of Hong Kong and reconstructs the outline of the Victoria Harbour. Using paper as the medium, the architectural structures along the Victoria Harbor are reconstructed and transformed into paper helmets for us to put on.

Project001 Masked Creature by Stickyline

This whole new approach, which connects the people with the structures, enables us to acquire a better understanding of our beautiful city.

  • Tom

    Could anybody please explain me how this annoying set of ridiculous photos of a couple of idiotic kids with building-like masks on “enables us to acquire a better understanding of our beautiful city”?

    A provocation without content is like one of those tasteless fortune cookies without the piece of paper inside…

    • Speaking of provocation without content.

      You just happen to have addressed one of 'the idiotic kids in the picture' (2nd photo, centre guy). Instead of answering your question, answer me this instead.

      Could you explain to me how two individuals who have hand-folded five of Hong Kong's most prominent architecture not a better understanding of architecture — even though they are not architects as this article suggests — than any other individual? Could you explain to me why a bitter reaction like yours is even justified when they simply decided to take the paper foldings one step further, fitted them like masks, and have people take pictures with them — therefore bringing some layman understanding of the city architecture — which they otherwise take completely for granted — home to show their friends?

      What, in other words, is wrong with some unadulterated fun and creativity by two young individuals and simply wanted to share that passion with others?

      • Tom


        There is certainly content to my “provocation” (although I would personally not call a comment on a blog a “provocation”). The content is a sincere and pressing question brought with passion after reading the article. A question that you don’t answer.

        To answer your question:
        There is nothing wrong with unadulterated fun and creativity!

        There is, however, something wrong with suggesting that there is a theory behind this exersize by creating all this semi-intellectual blurb that goes with it.
        It suposedly “uncovers the architectural buildings” or “enables us to acquire a better understanding of our beautiful city”. Come on… I doesn’t uncover anything and doesn’t give anynody a better understanding. Saying that is just pretentious.

        Anything in life gives you insights. Really, anything: walking in the rain, eating apples, folding paper into buildings… you name it. But don’t start suggesting that all of these activities are some sort of projects that give better understandings to lay people. That is why it is pretentious.

      • Tom

        part 2: Look, I don't mind the photos as such and I think the masks look great. The text that goes with it makes it just plain annoying to me. Why didn't you say: "we felt like making paper masks of buildings and had some fun taking photos of them to focus people's attention on the buildings around them?"

        Putting something that people take for granted in a new perspective is always healthy (whether it are buildings, or apples, or raindrops or screwdrivers). Great art usually does exactly that. But these masks/photos do not give any new insight or understanding whatsoever. They just put the buildings to our attention in a funny way. This article suggested that it gives a better understanding of Hong Kong, that this project wants to communicate an interesting point of view, a new insight… Sorry It just doesn't have any of the intellectual bones it pretents to have.

      • Tom

        part 3
        I could cover my body with slices of white bread and take photos of myself, publish them and claim that this gives a better understanding of the consumption of white bread in the UK. But that would not be true. It would just be a funny way of putting white bread to people's attention.

        There is already so much stuff around us that is without content. This article is to me part of that: it seeks attention, but doesn't give anything back. Highly dissatisfying (like a tasteless fortune cookie without the piece of paper)

        My advise: Keep up the passion and the fun, ditch the pretentions! And if you make the claim that is brings some kind of understanding, please explain how it does.

        Alright. Could you now please answer my quesion? I might have missed something…

  • Rob

    Do architects not have anything better to do with their time, or are they struggling to make ends meet??

    • Sarah

      Don't you have anything better to do than criticize people having fun?

  • Slack day at the office?

  • HBKZ

    wow not trying hard to be hipsters, not at all ;)

  • wraptailpiece

    "This whole new approach, which connects the people with the structures, enables us to acquire a better understanding of our beautiful city"

    C'mon! Do you really believe what you wrote??

    Really low value content, not even funny…

  • Isabelle

    Oh wow, talk about narrow mindedness! These comments are all so nasty! These masks are really beautiful, don’t listen to these other idiots!!

    So good to see people having fun and being imaginative… Just because it seems random and weird doesn’t mean this is pointless or a waste of time.

    Creativity and imagination are so important – very sad to see such responses =(

  • J Ho

    I think everybody has made pretty good points here.

    Yes it is a fun and creative project. I admire their imagination and paper folding skills. However it gets a lil' too ambitious with far fetched ideologies. I don't blame them because we have always been taught from university or whatever to express how life-changing it is of our work, even if it means lying to yourself about it.

    They could have easily said "We have just learnt to create paper folding models that fit on our heads. And really we gained no greater understanding of these buildings apart from the exterior envelope, just thought this is cool and I wanna share this like we share things on certain social networking websites."