Cross-shaped skyscraper
planned for Liverpool


King Edward Tower by Maurice Shapero

News: architect Maurice Shapero has released plans for a cross-shaped skyscraper on the waterfront in Liverpool, England.

King Edward Tower by Maurice Shapero

At nearly 200 metres in height, the 67-storey tower would be the tallest building in the city and would contain apartments, offices and shops.

King Edward Tower by Maurice Shapero

The horizontal element would cantilever out from both sides of the tower to accommodate a long and narrow restaurant with an impressive view across the city rooftops.

King Edward Tower by Maurice Shapero

"All this verticality needs a counter," said Shapero, explaining the decision to add the projecting floor. "A dramatic cantilevered restaurant breaks the form high in the sky."

King Edward Tower by Maurice Shapero

Discussing the religious imagery of the cruciform shape, the architect said: "This is the symbol which references one of the ultimate places in human spirituality. But should I be restricted from using it when it has come from my own investigation, imagination, conclusion?"

The building will be named the King Edward Tower, in reference to a pub that formerly occupied part of the site, and the architect plans to submit a planning application early next year.

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Images are by Infinite 3D.

  • Is it a skyscraper, a church, a plane or a transformer?

  • Peter

    Is this a joke?

  • cethuesen

    Cybertron here we come!

  • Clustors

    Condos for Christian living.

  • Ran F

    Thought it was a church! Until I read offices, apartments and shops…

  • yogesh

    Oh Lord!

  • architectonics

    … or at least it would have impressive views, if it had any actual windows other than the weird ’80s sci-fi distopia-looking facade treatment. 60 floors up, but you might as well be in the basement.

    Also, this guy seriously needs to work on his bullshit. As well as everything else.

  • rohtmuz

    Is Liverpool trying to lose its World Heritage status on purpose?

  • alice devisme

    WHY? Why? No, really, WHY?

  • Albatross

    No images that show the building’s relation to the city of Liverpool. Nothing showing the building’s relationship to its neighbours, the river, the Three Graces, anything that could allow it to be judged within the context of the World Heritage Site. Nothing that makes anyone want to take it even vaguely seriously. Waste of time.

  • Akeel

    That cross just looks like an add-on. Looks horrid.

  • Bruce Lee

    In my (albeit limited) experience, when you have good views, you want to be able to see them. Where are the windows?

  • mksh

    “Architect Maurice Shapero has released plans for skyscraper” and “architect plans to submit planning application early next year” says it all about the level of realism of the project. It’s the good old architectural version of seeking free publicity.

    • Sauron

      Well he got what he wished for. “Breaking news: Barad-dur breaks ground in Liverpool, renamed Mordor.” ALL HAIL SAURON!

  • Michael

    Maurice has a serious problem: he has no design talent. Hence the Legoland approach.

    Far better this pile of excreta gets built in Canary Wharf, since it is every bit as bad as all the other visual garbage, including the Flaccid Penis.

    I’ll give Maurice this, though – he knows his Lego and his totalitarian capitalist architecture. He is obviously a disciple of Ayn Rand and her loony architectural “ideas”.

    Well in, Maurice lad. Now try growing up.

  • 3DD

    Las Vegas.

  • Jonathon Phillips

    OMG this is just what Liverpool needs… Manchester has its own 47-story gravestone in the form of Beetham Tower; Liverpool can now have bragging rights to a 67-story crucifix.

    I love long narrow restaurants too… this is a very symbolic programme to be housed within a reference to “one of the ultimate places in human spirituality”.

    At least Mr Shapero brings the whole idea back down to earth by naming this wonderful tower after a pub that once existed on the site. How utterly poetic.

  • Itsnotmeagain

    Do not hold your breath.

  • bill

    Got me to look at his website, so I guess it worked…

  • Fern

    Some comments above are hilarious. You make my day! :)

  • Paul manning

    It evokes Frank Lloyd Wright for me and therefore… I’m in.

    • Liche Christ

      Shirley, you jest?

  • Sean

    I like it. And I’m an athiest so I’ll ignore the religious connotations. It’s different. And anything is better than what’s there already. And I’ll ignore all the World Heritage moaners, especially anyone who uses the awful phrase “Three Graces”. They were never called that and in my book never will be.

  • martini-girl

    I have to resurrect my favourite 90s word for this one – fugly.

  • What a pile of narrow-minded negativity in the comments section. As if the cruciform is banished from all future architectural endeavor because of… religious associations? Well, that’s wrong on a number of levels. Designers shouldn’t have their form choice delimited because of other cultural associations. Design is for the ages, not for a current culture complex’s perceptions.

    So what if there are some particular religious associations inevitably. Which world religion will we banish from association is all public space monuments first? Ahh, the ever-present tolerance, creativity, and openhearted boldness of the PC Modern mind. Thumb in mouth, WHAAAAAAAA!

    • rorystott

      “Design is for the ages, not for a current culture complex’s perceptions.”

      Yeah, because historically, poorly designed buildings have been much more enduring than passing fads like Christianity. Oh wait, no, that’s stupid!

      Whatever, I suppose it’s only natural that someone named Dante would want to void any meaning out of religious symbolism.

  • Zino

    Christ I need a drink.

  • Wow! what a hideous piece of architectural design!

    I can’t get my head around Maurice Shapero’s design. why would you propose at 67-storey structure with hardly any windows? What kind of space would that provide for accommodation and offices? And I’m still looking for a single piece of context (the name doesn’t exactly count as context). Just looks like an advertisement for the ‘Halo’ game.

    Liverpool are clinging on to their World Heritage status and then this concrete monster is proposed… it would be suicidal for Liverpool to allow this project to break ground.

  • shijune

    Actually, the article is not right. I happen to know these are the images for the new J.U.S.T.I.C.E. album, coming soon.

  • Ogier de Beauseant

    As if anyone needed more evidence that architecture is no more, then this.

  • RabCat

    Please, whoever the architects are, just concentrate on destroying what is left of Manchester’s formerly fine city centre with endless monstrous slabs and ugly 40+ storey skyscrapers in a vain bid to become Manc-hattan.

    But if you’re going to do Liverpool’s truly classic skyline justice, then for god’s sake stop taking the piss and get some proper lessons in aesthetics before foisting such hideously “trendy” abominations on our fair city. Better still, stop pretending to be an architect and go flip burgers instead, you doofus.

  • Liche Christ

    Has anyone expressed or suggested a public beating for the architectural promulgators of this folly?