Movie: Campbell Sports Centre
by Steven Holl Architects


We take a tour through the staircases, gyms and study areas of Steven Holl's Campbell Sports Centre at Columbia University in the second of two movies by architectural filmmakers Spirit of Space.

Steven Holl Architects designed the building as a combined athletics and study facility for students. The movie shows activity both inside and outside, from football games on the sports pitches to conversations in the stairwells.

Campbell Sports Centre by Steven Holl Architects

The film begins with the building's busy setting on the corner of West 218th Street and Broadway, where the five-storey structure climbs up a sloping site and forms a new entrance to several existing sports tracks.

It also traces routes through the building, including on the staircases and balconies that zigzag across the facade.

Campbell Sports Centre by Steven Holl Architects

Steven Holl describes the design concept for the sports centre as being based on a diagram for a football strategy in the first of the two movies.

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Campbell Sports Centre by Steven Holl Architects

Spirit of Space has previously filmed movies about other Steven Holl-designed buildings, including an underground gallery in South Korea and the mixed-use Sliced Porosity Block in China. See more movies by Spirit of Space on Dezeen »

Architectural photography is by Iwan Baan.

  • zizi

    I like Steven Holl, and also here you can see the quality, but overall it’s a quite anonymous building.

  • James

    I wish Steven Holl stops his bocus idea of concepts and focus on designing better buildings.

  • clauispas

    There is something about architecture-movies that is quite touching.

  • Allan

    These stairs make my stomach hurt.