Elbow Grease by
Prianka Sisodiya


An angular flat-pack whisk, a tilting mixing bowl and a pastry binding ring make up this range of baking tools by graduate designer Prianka Sisodiya.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

The Elbow Grease products by Kingston University graduate Prianka Sisodiya subtly adapt archetypal kitchen utensils. "The objects appear to look normal yet surprise people when they use them" said Sisodiya.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

All three items in Sisodiya's range are designed to make it easier to mix batter for pastry or cakes. "Subtle details differentiate them from ordinary baking tools," said Sisodiya.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

The angular metal whisk can be flattened by pressing the wires together on one half. It is pointed and angular rather than curved to allow users to scrape a bowl when using it while flat.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

Sisodiya has also created a bowl that has flat corners around the base, to allow it to rest at an angle when the bowl is tilted during mixing.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

The third item in the range is a pastry binder - an angled wire ring that slips onto the finger to help the user to stir butter and flour.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

The project will be on display at Tent London in September, as part of a show by graduate design collective Nous that will also feature Aaron Dunkerton's enclosed cavity brick fitting and Alice Kim's maternity vest for plants.

Elbow Grease by Prianka Sisodiya

Similar projects featured on Dezeen include patterned rolling pins that make edible plates, a meat grinder that squeezes out biodegradable bowls, five different sized measuring spoons to bake the perfect loaf of bread and a set of cutlery with slim handles like chopsticks.

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Photographs are by Prianka Sisodiya.

  • Jes

    I’ve always wondered why no one had come up with a mixing bowl like that. It’s very well done! Great work, very straight-forward, practical kitchen tools!

    • Simon

      My mother has owned one for at least 30 years.

      • Bhav9732

        My thoughts exactly!

  • Nick Simpson

    At first I didn’t see what was new or interesting about this. However the subtle little improvements are great.

    I for one think that Prianka should also emphasise the advantage of her whisk insofar as it being easier to clean. This is really good, honest design. Making improvements to make life easier/better!

  • What a beautiful object! I want one for my kitchen.

  • Bhav9732

    That mixing bowl has been done MANY times, actually. From Jamie Oliver’s kitchenware range, to lesser known faux traditional styles.

    As for the utensils – they’re just bent strips of wire. Nothing wrong with simplicity, but the presentation of this would suggest a first prototype – so far removed from a refined, finished product. Anyone that actually cooks will tell you that the pointed, angular end of that whisk is horrendous and will function very badly.

    As for using it in it’s ‘flat’ form to scrape the bowl – the mixture would just pour over the flimsy wire. Use a spatula like we’ve always done for so many years!

    One of the worst projects I’ve ever seen.

    • Chris

      Christ, she’s a student designing for a graduate show, not a bloody commission for Alessi.