Special Spoons by Ineke Hans
come like a model kit

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Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

These spoons shaped for eating specific snacks by Dutch designer Ineke Hans have to be popped out of a plastic frame before use.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

Ineke Hans' five Special Spoons for Royal VKB have different ends for scooping or stabbing small foods.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

The set includes a tiny spoon for sampling spicey sauces, a pointy fork for retrieving gerkins from the jar and a perforated scoop to fish for olives.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

The plastic cutlery is packed like a model kit, so the user has to break each spoon out of their frame. Each spoon has a small indent, which allows it to balance on the rim of a jar.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

Hans has also created a bowl to hold washed berries. The Fresh Berry Bowl comes with a perforated bottom to allow the wet fruit to drain and a matching saucer for catching excess water.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

Dried food can also be stored in the bowl by using the saucer as a lid.

Products by Ineke Hans for RoyalVKB

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  • Paul

    Looks crappy. Was somebody asking for it to come to the market?

  • StarFish

    Just what the world needs! More superfluous, throw-away objects made from plastic.

  • designqvist

    Very toyish! It reminds me of those little plastic gadgets in the Kinder eggs. The concept reminds of Eugeni Quitllet’s cutlery for Air France.

    Regression in plastic?
    Question: what kind of plastic are these cutleries made of? Is it recycled plastic?

  • Al

    Wasteful and pointless; everything design shouldn’t be in one worthless package.

  • timboy

    I was just coming to complain about this, too, but you grumps all beat me too it. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Jeepers! ;)