Zaha Hadid's boutique for Stuart
Weitzman opens in Hong Kong


Zaha Hadid has completed a Hong Kong boutique for Stuart Weitzman - her latest sinuous store interior for the American footwear designer.

Stuart Weitzman commissioned architect Zaha Hadid to design a series of stores for his shoe label. This second branch is located in Hong Kong's IFC shopping mall.

Stuart Weitzman boutique IFC Hong Kong by Zaha Hadid

The boutique is surrounded by glass walls to maximise the exposure of the products in the busy retail environment. "The adaptive design of the IFC store expresses the dynamism of the city and reflects the quality and craftsmanship of Stuart Weitzman's shoes," said Hadid.

A large sculptural element extends from the walls and spans across the ceiling, then swoops down to create a niche in front of the glass walls for showcasing the shoes.

Stuart Weitzman boutique IFC Hong Kong by Zaha Hadid

More footwear is displayed on a pair of freestanding metallic platforms with two levels, connected by fibrous elements that form the bases. Products also line the walls on thin shelves, which are subtly illuminated with hidden lighting.

The first in the chain designed by Hadid opened in Milan last September. Similar stores are set to open London and Beijing later in 2014, and across Asia and the Middle East over the next few years.

Hadid previously designed a series monochrome boutiques for Milan-based fashion designer Neil Barrett.

  • Nando Moriconi

    On the basis of my personal taste, Fabio Novembre’s version is just more classy and most importantly – it came out of a very thorough pencil work.

    Zaha, your design is quite a natural-mathematical evolution of the concept, but it feels like being inside the Roca London gallery with Melissa shoes.

    Overall I’d say “great project”, but I believe that there is just a little further surface-math lacking, other than a catchy idea missing. You should free the beast in your modelers, since it happens to be animation software you are using.

    Anyway, great work as usual. Congratulations!

    But back in 2006, first article ever featured on dezeen :-)

  • yes/no

    There is something like “a signature” and “auto repeat”. In her case it is too much auto repeat with no regard to the product or service it is supposed to promote, and no attention to the environment her design is in. Here though, it looks like the shapes fit the shoes.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The space is so dreadful, they can’t even PAY models to go in there.

  • Freshman

    Usually when I see a new design project on my tweetline I don’t know what to expect. Often I get positively surprised in what other creative designers are doing. That hasn’t been the case with Zaha Hadid for a long time now.

    It seems like there’s no new ideas anymore. I don’t even need to look at the project to know what’s in it. Everything is curved of course, with lights on the borders between shapes and that’s it. It is not important if it’s a shoe store, a stadium or hotel room.

  • ZahaLover

    Better style than the Beatles, more famous than God. It’s Zaha Hadid.

    So many people rush to knock her design, but Zaha Hadid Architects always deliver in a style that will be as emblematic of our times in the future as anything we use as a significant marker in history. Hence my little joke before.

    People get bored of style and form quicker now and it seems obvious why. Technology allows us to consume it all, now! The shock of the new never lasts longer than a mere few years before it becomes old hat.

    This store is sleek and delivers everything it aims to. Imagine walking past this boutique as a consumer! Your eyes would certainly be drawn and the sinuous lines would invite you in to explore.

    I can understand some contextual criticisms of Zaha, but this is in a Hong Kong shopping complex. There’s simply nothing to hate.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Those who understand design don’t take Hadid seriously. She’s just for kicks and giggles, like Gehry.

      • scott

        Haha. How much of design you understand?

  • Daniel

    Actually, I spotted quite a number of beautiful models at the opening party.

  • greg

    Women don’t usually stand or walk on hard surfaces when trying on shoes and customers sit a while expecting some pampering in high end luxury retail. Not saying the design isn’t fitting and has the right direction – it’s a very expensive look for a single HK store, but it will likely also date itself quickly.

  • Berg Lim

    So many jealous people.