OMA's Taiwan theatre complex
hits construction milestone


News: the OMA-designed Taipei Performing Arts Centre – a theatre complex centred around a transparent cube – has topped out today in the Taiwanese capital (+ slideshow).

OMA TPAC Topping Out

First unveiled by Rem Koolhaas' firm in 2009, the Taipei Performing Arts Centre (TPAC) will offer three auditoriums, including a 1,500-seat grand theatre and a pair of 800-seat playhouses, one of which will be contained in a large spherical volume.

Each auditorium is designed by OMA to be able to function independently, but they will also be able to share backstage space and mechanical facilities.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

"This arrangement allows the stages to be coupled for unsuspected scenarios and uses. The design offers the advantages of specificity with the freedoms of the undefined," explained Koolhaas.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

The three theatres will be externally clad with aluminium, while the central cube will feature a facade of corrugated glass and will be lifted off the ground to create a public plaza under the building.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

"With its superstructure finished, TPAC's connection with the surrounding urban fabric becomes apparent," said David Gianotten, the OMA partner in charge of the project.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

"The performing arts centre responds to the adjacent Jiantan MRT station and the night market, channeling the energy of the informal public life of the surroundings into the site and the future building, intensifying their vitality," he added.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

Construction of the TPAC began in 2012 and is set to complete next year. With the structure now in place, installation of the facade will begin in October.

OMA TPAC Topping Out

Photography is by Philippe Ruault.

  • Sceptical

    How are they going to clad this without it looking really cheap?

  • spraycan

    What does topped out mean? Please use proper English and not sloppy insider catchphrases.

  • davidrushe

    Context? Who needs it!

  • Byron

    This will be an interesting building. However, I still wish Neil Denari had won the competition!

  • Egad

    It looks like a giant pimple on the building.