Marc Newson designs
a shotgun for Beretta


Beretta 486 Parallelo

News: Marc Newson, the industrial designer who joined Apple in September, is working with Italian gun brand Beretta to launch a new version of the 486 Parallelo hunting shotgun next month (original version pictured).

Marc Newson has designed a version of the double-barrelled 486 Parallelo shotgun for Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta, a company established in 1526.

Newson's design will be released on 13 November, when the gun is officially unveiled at an event in London.

It will be a version of the existing 486 Parallelo (picture above) – a 12-gauge side-by-side game gun that features a round body receiver and lavish engravings.

Beretta currently produces 1,500 weapons a day, with "sporting firearms" counting for an estimated 90 per cent of production. Its repertoire includes shotguns, pistols and rifles.

American Armed Forces and State Police Forces started using the Beretta 92 pistol series in 1985.

Firearms have proved increasingly controversial in the design world since the first 3D-printed gun was fired last year.

In May, Paola Antonelli, senior curator of design at New York's MoMA, said the notion of design as a force for good had been upturned by the 3D-printed weapon, which London's V&A museum acquired just months after its release.

Tech giant Apple announced that Newson had joined its design team in September. Since then the Australian designer has launched a draught beer machine for Heineken, adding to his diverse portfolio of projects – see a round-up of his work.

  • Petros

    When did he change his name from Marc to Apple’s Marc?

  • heyjoe

    Oh deer…

  • pizzaface

    Why would you do that? Know when to say no. Despite who the client is and their history.

    • Bicket

      Why wouldn’t he do it? Why not? What’s the problem? Unbelievable.

  • massimo

    Good for wild animals. It will be out of charge in a few hours.

  • Many people do not associate firearms with luxury even though arms in general, have historically been connected to power and wealth.

    Regardless of the final design (hoping it is not some nightmare Starck reinterpretation) the discussion over whether firearms are utilitarian or objects deserving of beauty, is a good one.

    • Paul Hunkin

      It’s the official launch and I’ve held one here in Canada. They’re beautiful.

  • Trent

    Nice! Awesome for hunting or clay shooting.

  • Christian Ocampo

    Something that kills will never be beautiful.

    • Paul Hunkin

      A lot of people just shoot little clay discs with these things. Not every shooter is a hunter.

    • Judi

      Your body kills bacteria and other organisms on a daily basis.

    • Robert James

      When it kills some strung out thug that kicks your door in to get a fix while your daughter is getting ready for school we’ll talk again.

      • bham

        If that’s something you are concerned about you might want to think about relocating.

        • Robert James

          These things happen every day… even in communities packed with those presumptuous enough to assume they’ve got nothing to worry about.

      • generalpopulation

        I doubt the people in those sorts of situations can afford a gun like this.

    • Odysseus

      I’ve seen many antique samurai swords that I’d consider beautiful.

    • realearth

      What, like a tiger?

    • Drake

      That’s not true. Have you seen “Under the Skin?”

    • cassandra

      You mean like people? As far as I know, a gun has never killed anyone by itself.

  • after thought

    From an innovative Aussie surfer sculptor to a critical, stuffy sweater celebrity designer Charlton Heston (NRA) would be proud of. Young designers learn from this!

  • Donnie Darko

    Great now you’ll have to keep reinserting the first shotgun shell to fire additional shots The gun will be only three inches long and have fragile glass panels all over it. Oh and it will misfire unless you rotate your hand so that you can pull the trigger with your thumb.

    Also available with be the sawn-off version called the iGun Mini.

  • Panto

    Good job Newson, you son of a gun!

    • Dylan

      That’s appalling.

  • Colonel Pancake

    I’m continually amazed at Dezeen’s ability to manufacture outrage at anything that isn’t a dinky cabin in the Swedish countryside. Surely this is the internet’s gargabe disposal of reactionary morons.

    • Rick

      Very well said, thanks for the refreshing point of view. Sick and tired of all the judgement and misinformed morons in this modern world.

    • In love with this comment from Colonel Pancake.

  • montaigne

    I’d like to submit Gehry’s succinct observation about the lack of humanity in design. The glamorisation and fetishisation of lethal weaponry is f*cked up, and it surprises me that Apple would condone it.

    • bham

      Aside form the fact that Dezeen apparently thinks that Marc Newson is property of Apple, Beretta and this design have absolutely no ties with them.

  • Rdh4476

    Just lost respect for Mark Newson, designing a gun? Is there not enough f*cking guns around!

    • Antonio

      Just gained respect for Marc Newson. There aren’t enough well designed guns around.

      • Dylan


  • Marc has absolutely sold himself to Apple, body and soul. He will be thrown in the trash can out the back when they’re finished. Poor man.

  • GUS

    Why does Dezeen continually mess its pants at Marc Newson? He’s not even designed the thing yet. The issue of guns being considered objects of beauty and design has been around since their inception. However, that is a valid discussion barely mentioned in this article but for a tissue thin veil to cover the constant stream of hot air being blown up this designer’s anus.

  • nuthinking

    Pistorius might buy one.

  • Oh my goodness, a gun! Let’s all pee pee in our pants!

    • Design lurker

      My favourite comment EVER.