Zaha Hadid unveils Volu dining pavilion at Design Miami


Design Miami 2015: architects Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher have designed a dining pavilion shaped like an open clam shell.

Dining pavilion by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher at Design Miami 2015

Hadid and Schumacher's team used computational design to create the pavilion, which is constructed from laser-cut and perforated steel surfaces, aluminium box sections and timber loops.

Dining pavilion by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher at Design Miami 2015

"Defined by digital processes, the pavilion has been developed in such a way that its components are, at most, singly curved," said the London-based practice.

Volu appears to be made from a continuous piece, and features an oval roof that tilts downwards over diners like a mushroom cap. The skeleton of the 3.2-metre-tall structure houses cut-out irregularly shaped sections that form a pattern across the roof and the supporting stem.

Dining pavilion by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher at Design Miami 2015

The pattern is repeated in the floor of the 20-square-metre pavilion, although the gaps have been filled with wooden boards.

"Comprised of a series of structural bands collecting at the spine and expanding overhead, the patterning of the pavilion is guided by the varied structural loading conditions," said the practice in a statement.

Dining pavilion by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher at Design Miami 2015

"Through the analysis of the geometry under load, the pavilion's structure and skin have been digitally optimised to remove unnecessary material, resulting in the lightest possible design solution — following an organic structural logic that recreates many of the same principles found in nature."

The structure houses a circular wooden dining table, accompanied by three curved benches that can seat up to ten diners.

The piece has been commissioned by property developer Robbie Antonio for his ongoing Revolution project, which invites international architects and designers to create prefabricated living spaces.

Video showing the design and construction process of the Volu pavilion 

The project has already seen temporary spaces designed by names including Ron Arad, Kengo Kuma and Sou Fujimoto.

Volu is installed inside the collector's lounge at this year's Design Miami fair, which is taking place from 2 to 6 December 2015. A sculptural table by Janne Kyttanen and loopy chairs by Aranda\Lasch are also on show at the event.

Hadid currently has a high-rise residential tower under construction in Miami, and was chosen by the City of Miami Beach to design a parking garage at Collins Park in 2011.

  • James

    Can’t help but wonder if this is the answer, then what is the question?

    • Durgen Jensen


    • guest

      Thank you.

  • nicholas

    That is potentially the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

  • Peter Webster

    Have we reached peak Hadid? Disgusting, luxurious design for the elite solves nothing. Less of this, please.

  • guisforyou

    With the effort to fabricate this thing you could’ve easily built at least three to five low-income houses. And even those can include a small roofed area for lounging. But hey, who cares!?

    • Andres Luer

      Excellent thought.

  • Ian Nairn

    I’m trying to think of an appropriate food pairing for this piece of set dressing from a sci-fi B movie. Soylent, perhaps? Smash and cyanide? I don’t really go in for Zaha bashing but when they produce this sort of trash then, well, what else can you do?

  • james

    Who wouldn’t rather just sit on the grass, back against a tree and eat a sandwich?

    • Durgen Jensen

      Zaha eats her sandwiches with a fork and knife so she can’t relate.

  • SoupMerchant

    Haha… oh wait, serious?

  • Who exactly is this FOR?

  • Bob Kindred

    You can spot the cultural reference from the roof – the front end of a BMW.

  • BeggarBoy

    “Feed me, Seymour!”

  • “Have we reached peak Hadid?” Many projects ago.

  • andrews

    I guess it’s safe to say that Zaha doesn’t have trypophobia. No wonder some people find this thing ugly.

  • agagnu

    I remember the time at the AA when follies were the new. So started extravagances of shapes to package function that led to Peter Eisenman’s theorising in complexity and Frank Gehry jumping on the bandwagon and getting it all wrong. But hey, people loved these first-year-trashed schemes.
    Zaha, however surpassed Foster, Gehry and Piano with her super yacht designs. She should do more.

  • David

    BMW kidney grille.

  • What inspires her to keep going like this?

    • Durgen Jensen

      Dollars, rials, rubles, yuan, francs and euros.

  • Andres Luer

    Would you please, Zaha, do to the world a favour and retire. We have got your message; you are good at doing complex things that aren’t required. Thanks.

  • Z-dog

    When we hear of our beautiful buildings in the past that we hated by people, we ask “How could they not see the beauty?” In the future, with an increasingly technological society, they will look at structures like this and appreciate them for reasons beyond what we look for today. The use of evolution-based algorithms, structural optimisation, prefabrication and its bold uniqueness sets these items into a different category to so many other projects that are seen today.

    The exploration of the tectonic is a vital part of architecture and, just because it doesn’t rhyme with your aesthetic sensibilities, should not be written off as folly. Projects like these give me hope for architecture in the future. The complexity of designing something like this is simply beyond many architects as it requires giving design control to a computer program that you have designed. The result is by your hand or, figuratively, by your hand controlling a trillion monkeys with a trillion typewriters.

    • Delbert Grady

      Just don’t lose your poetry.

  • Delbert Grady

    Just missing that thing to take off your black helmet.

  • Zlatka Damjanova

    Who will have dinner under the “Evolution” curve? Patrik and Zaha? It will break together, because of too much computer thinking, too much money and too many big-ego-ideas!

    P.S. No. There are siting seven-headed family from the neighborhood of Zaha, from Syria. They eat, sleap and wash themselves under the “Evolution” curve. They are happy, because of the fantastic future structure!

  • bee No.001

    An open clamshell posed on hot sands for weeks? Association of fishy stench is just revolting, for I. For that indulgent duo of authors apparently not, on contrary.