Minimal alternative to "ugly" electric toothbrushes created by Bruzzoni Global


Electronics startup Bruzzoni Global has created a pared-back electric toothbrush with metallic accents, as an alternative to bathroom accessories that "completely disregard" aesthetics.

The device features a rubber-coated handle that tapers into a more slender neck, and includes a single multi-colour LED to indicate battery levels, and whether the toothbrush is on or off.

Electric toothbrush by Bruzzoni

A single metal band encircles the top of the toothbrush handle, and the material has also been used to highlight the device's power button.

"After I had used and bought maybe five electronic toothbrushes, five shavers, cleaned away hair dryers, flat irons and seen all these toothpaste tubes, I started to wonder... Why so ugly?" said Krister Mossberg, who founded Bruzzoni Global in 2014.

Electric toothbrush by Bruzzoni

"Why so many wires, and why is everyone focusing on technology instead of just combining design and performance without showing all the functions?"

The toothbrush has an oscillating speed of 8,000 rotations per minute (RPM), and a running time of 40 minutes. It can be recharged via USB, or placed on a base for induction charging.

Bruzzoni Global's first range of electric toothbrushes, the Wall Street Collection, comes in black or white versions, with rose gold or silver-coloured metallic accents.

Electric toothbrush by Bruzzoni

"Too many electronic brands focus solely on the technology of their product and completely disregard the look," said Mossberg.

"I started to think about how I could combine Italian design with Scandinavian quality," he added. "To do what Nespresso and KitchenAid had done for the kitchen, but for the bathroom."

Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima previously designed a similarly minimal toothbrush, which removed the need for toothpaste by cleaning the teeth with nano-sized mineral ions, while New York studio Amron Experimental has transformed the toothbrush into a water fountain.

  • Jeffrey Mann

    You charge your toothbrush by plugging into a USB port. WTF, I’ve heard it all now.

    • H-J

      Philips Sonicare already has USB-chargeable toothbrushes, even with wireless charging in a glass cup. And they have a black edition too… Nothing new here in my honest opinion.

  • An iPhone button. Now that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • jjoo


  • The Liberty Disciple

    Braun inspires iPhone inspires toothbrush.

  • Shah

    Is this toothbrush for robots? This looks more boring and UGLY than the toothbrushes available in the market. This one lacks character and sexiness. Where is the ergonomic, grip, branding, colour, intuitiveness etc?

    What is the point of this project, which does not have a single image of a human being using it? The image of it being able to charge from your laptop is much more important than anything here. Lol.

    • dan

      I can’t really tell if the first paragraph is a joke, but I hope so. How sexy is your toothbrush? Well I suppose they can have additional functions.

      This is better looking than anything on the market, so for me it achieves its aim, albeit in renders. I have to agree the image of it charging from an overly shiny Macbook is a step too far though…

  • Hugo

    For those who refuse to put anything ugly in their mouth.

  • Paul B

    I think this is a very good looking product, I’m amazed by some of the negative comments on here. And surely the Philips Sonicare that Jeffrey Mann highlights is just more evidence that current devices on the market have poor aesthetic standards?

    Why shouldn’t a toothbrush look good and be functional? And why shouldn’t it take its cue from Dieter Rams or Apple? I’d much prefer this in my bathroom than the appallingly styled Philips one I have now.

  • Mr J

    Looks quite a clunker compared to the electric ones I buy from my local Co-op. The manufacturer manages to pack motor and batteries into a format little bigger than a standard toothbrush. Disposable mind, but that’s OK because I have many uses for left-over motors.

  • Interesting idea.