Papa de Tenerife Packaging by Héctor Serrano

Spanish designer Héctor Serrano has created packaging to contain the ingredients for a potato dish traditionally served on Spanish island Tenerife.

Called Papa de Tenerife Packaging, the project was designed for the Tenerife City Council as a souvenir and contains tiny raw potatoes, two spicy sauces made with oil and vinegar, and coarse sea salt.

The outer case is made of lacquered aluminium and features the dish's name picked out in perforations on the lid, which also act as ventilation for the food.

A circular thermoplastic tray inside contains the potatoes and can be lifted out to reveal containers of seasoning and sauce below.

"The potatoes are uncooked so the recipient can cook the potatoes to the original Tenerife style and then enjoy them with the Mojo Picon," says Serrano. "The idea is to give an experience rather than something totally finished."

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Here's a little text from the designer:


Papa de Tenerife Packaging for Tenerife City Council by Héctor Serrano

A packaging that presents “La Papa de Tenerife” as it deserves: a delicious delicatessen. An authentic and original souvenir/experience that includes all you need to cook this authentic dish: Papas, Mojo Picon and thick marine salt.

The holes are used to brand the pack as well as created ventilation to maintain the Papa on perfect condition. Once used, the aluminum outside case can be re-used making a more sustainable product.

The project is part of TDFSigno and it was launched at Tenerife Design Festival.