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  • 8 House by BIG

    8 House by BIG

    This residential building in Copenhagen with sloping green roofs by Danish architects BIG will be completed in October, and has just won the 2010 Scandinavian Green Roof Award. More

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    • ability to recruit talented staff from anywhere in the world with the minimum bureaucracy
    • continued access to reciprocal international exchange programmes for students
    • regeneration of the UK's manufacturing industry
    • support for design education
    • support for creative businesses across the UK and recognition of their economic and cultural value
    • adoption of EU intellectual property laws
    • reduction or eradication of import and export tariffs

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    Visitors by country: Visitors by continent:
    US 18% Europe 50%
    UK 17% Americas 26%
    Germany 5% Asia 19%
    France 4% Oceania 4%
    Australia 4% Africa 1%
    Canada 3%
    Netherlands 3%
    Japan 3%
    Italy 3%
    Spain 2%
    South Korea 2%
    Belgium 2%