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The Oscars new logo

The Oscars gets a new visual identity

News: the Oscars has been given a new logo and visual identity ahead of this Sunday's awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science new logo_dezeen

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science hired Los Angeles design agency 180LA to overhaul the branding for the annual film awards and the organisation as a whole.

"They needed a unifying idea, regardless of whether you're an archivist in white gloves taking care of treasures in film, or a Steven Spielberg type," said 180LA's chief creative officer William Gelner.

New Oscars visual identity used on awards envelopes_dezeen

The famous silhouette of the golden statue presented to award winners sits within the "A" in "Oscars" and is also used inversely on a gold triangle to stand for "Academy".

A sans-serif typeface was chosen as the unifying font, used in all capitals and coloured gold. This font will be used on the envelopes concealing winners' names during the event this weekend.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science old logo_dezeen
Previous logo of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

The previous logo, which also features the statuette, had been in use by the Academy since the 1920s.

The eighty-sixth Oscars will take place on Sunday 2 March at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre in LA.