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Simon Legald simplifies wine accessories for Normann Copenhagen

Danish designer Simon Legald intended these accessories for opening, pouring and storing bottles of wine to be as simple as possible.

Basic Wine Accessories by Normann Copenhagen

Simon Legald's Basic Series includes a foil cutter, a wine stopper, a corkscrew and a pouring spout.

The products were designed for Danish brand Normann Copenhagen with the aim of removing "all unnecessary details" – focusing on the function of each item and the simplest form required to deliver it.

"I often feel that technical mechanisms can take away the interaction with the products and the focus of the function," Legald told Dezeen.

Basic Wine Accessories by Normann Copenhagen

The four items in the collection are made using titanium-coated stainless steel for the upper sections and silicone for the lower portions. Both of these materials are approved for use with food, according to the designer.

Basic Wine Accessories by Normann Copenhagen

The titanium coating – also used for CNC-drills and watches – strengthens the steel and gives it a matte finish, while the silicone handles provide grip and a tight fit in the bottle neck.

"I chose silicone for the lower material as it doesn't get discoloured by the acid and colour of the wine," said the designer.

Basic Wine Accessories by Normann Copenhagen

The stainless steel parts are pressed out, welded and hand polished before the titanium coating is applied.

Silicone sections are each moulded with a different shore – the hardness level – depending on their function. They are then assembled with the metal elements to create the final products.

Basic Wine Accessories by Normann Copenhagen

"The corkscrew, for example, has a high shore so it is less flexible, whereas the wine pour has a low shore so it is more flexible," explained Legald.

Simon Legald's previous products for Normann Copenhagen include the stackable melamine Nabo Trays, and the Folk family of candle holders.