Emanuele Kabu creates colourful animated music video with paint and marker pens

Music: illustrator Emanuele Kabu used a variety of different paints and inks to create the hand-drawn sequences in this animated music video for alternative rock duo The Helio Sequence.

Upward Mobility by The Helio Sequence

London-based animator Kabu's video for The Helio Sequence's single Upward Mobility features a green face that repeatedly morphs into a variety of different abstract shapes and colourful patterns.


"The main concept was to create something that continually collapses into something else as if it'll never be able to reach a proper form," Kabu told Dezeen.


Kabu combined digital animation with hand-drawn stop-motion techniques to create a variety of different overlapping textures in the video.


It opens with a vibrant sequence drawn with marker pens, which quickly transitions to a faster-moving digital section, which is in turn washed away by a flood of thick blue acrylic paint.

DMP Emanuele Kabu The Helio Sequence Upward Mobility

"[I wanted] to keep the video really colourful and crazy," Kabu said.


Other animated sequences were created using watercolour paints and even correction fluid. It was the first time Kabu had created an animation using such a wide variety of methods.


"I was very interested to work on something that mixed all the techniques I was using," he explained. "But this was the first time I did it. It was a bit of a challenge."


The visuals get sparser and less colourful as the video progresses. By the end, all that is left of the face is a simple line drawing, which eventually disappears completely.


Upward Mobility is a track from The Helio Sequence's self-titled new album, which will be released later this month by the Sub Pop record label.