Interactive slideshow: explore all the products showcased at Moooi's Milan exhibition

Extra Moooi: explore Moooi's new collection as well as its signature products in this interactive slideshow, which features all 21 sets of furniture and lighting the Dutch design brand showcased in Milan last month.

Roll your mouse over the slideshow above, and click on the pop-up windows, to learn about the products featured in the show. On mobile, rotate your screen to landscape mode to get the full functionality.

Each slide shows one of the 21 tableaux of products Moooi presented in Milan, which were arranged in front of huge blown-up photographs by Rahi Rezvani in a warehouse in Milan's Tortona district.

"We like to show the products we do in a kind of setting," Moooi co-founder Marcel Wanders explains in the video interview we published last month.

"Half of the settings are environments you can imagine to be in the home and the other half of the settings are more artistic. It's kind of two exhibitions simultaneously and for us it's a nice way to show our works."

This interactive slideshow is part of our year-long Extra Moooi collaboration, which will see us working with Moooi in Milan, New York, London and Amsterdam to get under the skin of the brand, its products and designers. Read all the stories at