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Form Us With Love expands Baux acoustic panel range with Plank wood-effect designs

Stockholm 2016: Form Us With Love has added acoustic panels that look like wood to its Baux architectural products line, continuing the trend for noise-reducing products at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair (+ slideshow).

Stockholm design studio Form Us With Love, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, updated its range of colourful products made from wood wool to include the more neutral Plank collection.

Made from a mixture of leftover wood chips, cement and water, the panels are designed for use as architectural wall features while also serving to dampen noise.

Baux plank by Form us with love

Acoustics were the hot topic at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, with designers and brands launching products aimed at making interiors quieter. These included Jin Kuramoto's collection of petal-shaped screens for Offecct, which can be arranged to help dampen noise in open-plan spaces.

Baux was first launched in 2014, and updated its range to include acoustic panels the following year. It then added square tiles to its product offering in December 2015.

Baux plank by Form us with love

"Our first collections for Baux were all about adding colour to a qualitative product that had remained anonymously grey for more than 70 years," said Form Us With Love co-founder Jonas Pettersson. "Our strategic developments became a study in pallets of vibrant ways."

"However, with Plank, our fourth collection for Baux, we began tackling the patterns from another angle, 'what if we make a perfect grid?'," he added.

At the Träullit factory in the south of Sweden, where the panels are made, the machines are turned off over the weekend in an effort to save energy.

Baux plank by Form us with love

This causes the production to happen at different temperatures between Monday and Friday, which Form Us With Love noticed results in variations in the colour of the bare panels.

When colder at the start of the week the products emerge with a light colour, but before the weekend the built-up heat from the production process adds a darker tinge.

Combining these different shades into compositions on a wall therefore creates the effect of wooden boards that naturally have slightly different tones.

Baux plank by Form us with love

The Baux Plank panels come in two sizes, which can be arranged in a variety of ways including vertical and diagonal stripes and a herringbone pattern.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016 took place from 9 to 13 February at the Stockholmsmässan exhibition centre, during the annual Stockholm Design Week. During the event, Form Us With Love also installed a retrospective exhibition at the city's Konstakademien to mark its first decade as a design studio.