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Kristine Five Melvær's Vava stool features zigzag legs

Stockholm 2016: Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær has created a stackable stool with legs that form an undulating wooden support around its seat (+ slideshow).

VAVA Stool by Kristine Five Melvaer

Melvær designed the stool to appear "light and dynamic", with the V-shaped supports seemingly made from a continuous tubular section of wood. The legs are attached to the stool with hidden plugs, making the seat appear to rest lightly on the base.

VAVA Stool by Kristine Five Melvaer

"The structure is quite graphic, giving the furniture a recognisable, dynamic character in contrast to the classic materials," Melvær told Dezeen. "It also adds a high degree of stability."

The Vava stool – named to reflect the distinctive shape of its legs – is made from ash wood, and is available in light or dark versions. Its zigzag support also allows the stools to be slotted into one another for easy stacking.


"I think stackability is one of the most important features of a stool, both when transporting and also while storing the furniture," said Melvær, whose previous designs include lamps shaped like flower buds and patterned glass vases.

"I thought it was an interesting challenge, as it gives some restraints for the design," she added.

VAVA Stool by Kristine Five Melvaer

Prototypes of the stool were shown as part of the Aurora exhibition at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, which ran from 9 to 13 February 2016. Melvær is currently looking for a production partner to develop the design further.

VAVA Stool by Kristine Five Melvaer

Other seating on display at the fair included experimental chairs designed by Aalto University students, sofas and chairs made using Färg & Blanche's trademark "wood tailoring", and a set of square seating modules created by Swedese.

Photography is by Erik Five Gunnerud.