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Knog creates Oi bicycle bell to replace "ugly" alternatives

Australian cycling accessories manufacturer Knog has designed an alternative to the traditional domed bike bell – a donut-shaped device that wraps around the handlebars (+ slideshow).

Oi bike bell by Knog

The Oi bell, which has been fully funded on Kickstarter, is available in brushed aluminium, black, titanium, and brass- or copper-plated finishes. It was designed to counteract the "ugly" appearance of typical bells.

"'Ugly' is obviously very subjective when it comes to bike bells, but we did feel that most were not sympathetic, nor did they enhance the bikes they adorned," said Knog designer Hugo Davidson.

Oi bike bell by Knog

"With that in mind, we set out to ensure that the Oi bell was designed as part of the bike, rather than an accessory or add on," he added.

The device is struck by a spring-loaded protruding tab, creating a chord sound that resembles "an angel playing a glockenspiel" according to Knog.

Oi bike bell by Knog

"Bike bells have been domed since they were invented in 1877," said the company. "In which time we've sent man to the moon, cloned a sheep, and created hundreds of different styles of beautiful bicycle yet not reimagined this simple analogue device."

The Oi bell comes in large and small versions that clip over the top of the handlebars, and can then be adjusted for a precise fit. It is designed to suit most cylindrical bars.

Oi bike bell by Knog

"We set out to design a totally new bell where form and function played an equal part," said the brand, which has also designed several bike lights.

"A bell with a beautiful tone, but also a remarkable style and choice of materials that embodies a rider's personality," it added. "We wanted to embrace a variety of riding genres, without compromising any."

Oi bike bell by Knog

Several alternative bike accessories have been funded on Kickstarter, including a magnetic bike light that slots into the end of the handlebars, and a minimal compass that connects to a smartphone app to help users navigate the city.