Oeuffice presents collection of solid marble stools at Neoclassical Milanese hotel

Milan 2016: London design studio Oeuffice has updated its collection of stools based on Greek column capitals with white marble versions, and displayed them in a black courtyard in Milan (+ slideshow).

The Kapital collection comprises a series of limited-edition tables and stools, each abstracted from the forms and assemblages often found in classical architecture.

For each of the nine pieces, the studio took cues from on the capitals – or heads – of columns found in the three orders of ancient Greek architecture: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

Kapital collection by Oeuffice

British architect David Chipperfield similarly focused on these three styles when designing a range of cabinets for his first gallery collaboration with David Gill.

"Traditionally, the capital – from the Latin caput, or head – forms the topmost member of a column," said the studio. "It mediates between the column and the load thrusting down upon it, broadening the area of the column's supporting surface."

"The capital, projecting on each side as it rises to support the abacus, joins this traditionally square element with the usually circular shaft of the column," they continued. "The capital may be convex, as in the Doric order; concave, as in the inverted bell of the Corinthian order; or scrolling out, as in the Ionic order."

Kapital collection by Oeuffice

Each stool presented at the installation is slightly different in shape, and all are handmade in Italy from solid white Carrara marble.

The collection was presented in an installation curated by the Carwan Gallery, inside the courtyard of a hotel in the Brera district during this year's Milan design week.

For the installation, Carwan Gallery – which was founded in 2010 by architects Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Pascale Wakim – chose to present the white pieces in a contrasting dark-coloured courtyard of the Senato hotel

Arranged around the patio area, the stools were reflected in a very shallow pool beneath.

Kapital collection by Oeuffice

Before it became the boutique hotel, the Neoclassical building was home to the Ranza family for four generations. All seats and tables inside the hotel were designed by architect Alessandro Bianchi, who also completed the interiors.

"The installation has been placed in the courtyard of Senato Hotel to establish a dialogue and unique reflexion with the water basin imagined by the architect Alessandro Bianchi," said the Carwan Gallery.

"The nine objects create a geometric sequence evoking classical architectural structures or temples, and placed in this specific position combined with their mirrored image on water, the installation evokes a strong and visible symbology within the courtyard."

Oeuffice's Kapital collection was on show at the Senato hotel from the 10 to 18 April 2016. Other installations that took place during Milan design week included the presentation of Nendo's chairs based on comic books in the courtyard of a historic cloister, and a "forest of light" inside an old theatre by Sou Fujimoto for fashion brand COS.