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Apple Watch Series 2 is "completely reengineered" for swimming

Targeted at swimmers, the second version of the divisive Apple Watch has been unveiled, along with the iPhone 7 and AirPod wireless headphones.

Apple Watch Series 2 has been updated with new seals and adhesives developed to stop water getting in, so it can be worn in the water at depths up to 50 metres.

"It's been completely reengineered," said Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams. "You can wear it whether you're swimming or surfing."

Apple Watch Series 2
The Apple Watch Series 2 is designed to be "swim-proof"

The most significant change to the design is the speaker, which has been configured to eject any water that enters.

The "swim-proof" model has been tested with machines to prove it can withstand constant use in the pool or sea.

Algorithms have been developed to accurately calculate calories burned while swimming, based on an individual's stroke style.

Apple Watch Series 2
The updated model comes with a dual-core processor, a brighter display and sharper graphics

Other updates include a dual-core processor, a display that is two times brighter and screen graphics that are twice as sharp.

It will be available in a wide variety of styles and colours, with casings including aluminium, stainless steel and a new ceramic edition – which Apple claims is four times harder than stainless steel.

Apple has continued its collaboration with French fashion house Hermès to release new handcrafted leather straps for Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 2 ceramic
Apple has launched a version of the watch with a ceramic casing

A partnership with sports brand Nike has resulted in the Apple Watch Nike+, marketed as a simple alternative to more complex GPS run-tracking devices.

As with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – also revealed at today's Apple Keynote presentation in San Francisco – the Apple Watch Series 2 will be available to pre-order from 9 September 2016. Prices will start from $369.

The original Apple Watch, now called Series 1, will come with the same dual-core processor for $269.

Apple Watch Nike+
The tech giant has also teamed up with Nike to release a version specifically for running

The Apple Watch has received very mixed reactions since it launched in September 2014.

Its critics have included Apple co-founder Steven Wozniak, who was against the company's move into the jewellery world.

Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès
Apple has also continued its collaboration with Hermès to create a new series of handcrafted leather straps

Design critic Alice Rawsthorn also attacked the Apple-Hermès collaboration, which she called "a three-dimensional exercise in skeuomorphia".

A report published in July 2016 showed that sales of the Apple Watch had fallen significantly as customers anticipated the release of the new model.