Clinton and Trump ice pops created by on-demand food platform Pixsweet

Clinton and Trump ice pops created with new on-demand food platform Pixsweet

Janne Kyttanen has become the latest designer to wade into the US election, creating frozen treats based on the presidential hopefuls.

The ice pops were made using the designer's new food customisation platform, Pixsweet, which had its soft launch last week.

They depict Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in profile and Republican candidate Donald Trump styled as a lump of poo.

A donkey and an elephant, symbols used by the two parties, have also been made into popsicles.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton frozen ice pops by Janne Kytannen

The Pixsweet platform creates customised food designs fast and on-demand. Currently, ice lollies are the only type of food produced, but the company may expand into other offerings in the future.

Pixsweet is the first startup created under Kyttanen's new venture, WTFVC, which he left the 3D-printing industry to work on earlier in 2016.

At the time, the designer told Dezeen that the venture capital fund would focus on "designing new companies at the same speed as designing products".

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton frozen ice pops by Janne Kytannen

To make the popsicles, Pixsweet uses a custom "3D Munchifier", which is essentially a search engine. Users enter their search term, and the Munchifier scours the internet for the relevant image.

It recognises the object and detects its edges, translating it into a three-dimensional shape. The design gets uploaded into the production line, where it takes 1.3 seconds for a mould to be made.

The mould is then punched into the packaging, the chosen flavour is injected into the shape, and finally it is sealed and labelled, ready for shipping.

Unlike so much of Kytannen's earlier work, no 3D printing is used in the process.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton frozen ice pops by Janne Kytannen

"With Pixsweet we've solved all the problems that 3D-printed food has," the designer told Dezeen. "It's expensive, distribution doesn't work, and the entire experience is very slow."

Kyttanen's Clinton and Trump lollies were created ahead of the US presidential election, which takes place today.

The designer and his team are planning to visit all the polling stations in Los Angeles, where he is currently based, and dish out the lollies.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton frozen ice pops by Janne Kytannen

The design community doesn't seem to like Trump very much, with many designers producing satirical pieces based on his policies and views.

His distinctive handwritten scrawl has been turned into a freely available typeface by BuzzFeed designer Mark Davis, while Mexican firm Estudio 3.14 visualised the "gorgeous perversity" of his plan to build a wall along the country's border.