"Who's gonna make OMA great again?"

Has OMA lost its edge? Readers are wondering if the Dutch architecture firm led by Rem Koolhaas has run out of ideas in this week's comments update.

Not kool: exclusive photographs have revealed OMA's new headquarters for the Qatar Foundation in Doha, leading commenters to wonder if the firm's best work is already behind it.

"They peaked 20 years ago, when their buildings were funky and clever," wrote Mies. "Who's gonna make OMA great again?"

"I fear that OMA, like a rock star, has settled into middle age all too comfortably," agreed TFO.

Regular commenter Kay thought otherwise. "This is superb. just amazing, I think Rem decided to pay lots of homages here and he did them all exquisitely well," he said.

One commenter asserted that OMA is still a trendsetter:

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Shepard Fairey inauguration posters

No hope: Donald Trump's inauguration was the other big talking point this week, with readers discussing the anti-fear posters adapted by Shepard Fairey from Obama's 2008 election.

"Great posters meant to inspire confidence in a time of uncertainty," wrote a user called Nameless.

But the new design proved controversial with some readers for its depiction of a Muslim women wearing the American flag as a Hijab.

"It's ironic. Women in Islamic regimes fear state-mandated punishment for failing to veil themselves," said Ruckus.

One reader came up with an alternative design:

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Photography courtesy of Flickr user Gage Skidmore

Climate pains: readers have been debating whether Trump will budge on climate change, after more than 250 architecture practices signed a letter urging the new US president to take action.

"The only way to get Trump to listen is if it's going to cost him money," wrote Tony.

"As architects we're certainly entitled to our opinion on climate change, but frankly this is not our expertise," wrote Steve.

But H-J disagreed. "The production of steel and concrete is one of the main contributing factors of high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Maybe the building industry should ask themselves why the hell they haven't realised any true innovations in the last 150 years," he said.

One commenter predicted the letter would fall on deaf ears, comparing Trump to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher:

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News: Torre Agbar
Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Ania Mendrek

Nouvel-ty item: readers have been offering suggestions as to why Jean Nouvel's Barcelona skyscraper is struggling to hold onto tenants.

"It's simple. The building cost too much to build and they can't set reasonable numbers for rent," wrote Victor. "Happens a lot with 'starchitect' buildings."

"Down to protection of employment floor space. Barcelona could turn into one big hotel or Airbnb if there were no policy protection," countered Marco.

"Its impracticality might have been forgivable had it been beautiful, but it's not," said Scott.

One reader came up with an easy solution for the building's awkward donut-shaped plan:

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