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Tokujin Yoshioka and LG reveal science fiction-inspired light installation in Milan

Dezeen promotion: a glowing wall that gently pulsates and chairs that showcase a spectrum of light and colour form the huge installation that Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka and LG have created in Milan.

LG Electronics

SF Senses of the Future has won the Milano Design Award 2017 for best installation at Milan design week.

On show at Superstudio Più, the installation Wall of the Sun is made up of different dynamic lighting elements – all showcasing LG's OLED lighting technologies, which create illumination across an entire surface.

LG Electronics

The floor area is taken up by 17 glowing chairs, arranged in a large grid.

Made from 15-millimetre-thick, dual-sided OLED panels, these chairs display a variety of light and colour effects, ranging from bright waves to colourful stripes.

The aim was for these furniture elements to feel like science fiction. According to LG, they "portray a meditation on the blindingly fast speed of modern-day life".

LG Electronics

The second element in the space is entitled Wall of the Sun. It comprises an undulating wall made up of 30,000 individual OLED light modules.

The wall gently pulsates, creating flashes of light. The aim was to offer "a unique glimpse of how human-centric lighting can transform space in the near future".

LG Electronics

Tokujin Yoshioka has worked on a number of impressive installations in the past. He recreated a snow storm at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo in 2010, while his Spectrum project experimented with light projection.

He described this latest project as "a challenging opportunity to create a work of art that has never been seen before".

"Through this large-scale installation and LG’s advanced technology, I believe that people can rediscover their relationship with the natural world in a more sensual way," he said.

The project marks LG's first appearance at Milan design week, coinciding with the brand's 70th anniversary.

"LG's design philosophy is to push the boundaries of innovation while simultaneously empathising and identifying with the needs of individuals," said Noh Chang-ho, head of corporate design at LG Electronics.

"This exhibition collaboration was a unique opportunity to see a different interpretation of LG's pursuit of innovation for a better life."

SF Senses of the Future is on show at Superstudio Piu from 4 to 9 April 2017, as part of Milan design week.