Sony's FES Watch U e-paper timepiece can be updated at the touch of a button

This captioned movie by Dezeen demonstrates how users can customise the pattern on Sony's new e-paper watch almost instantaneously.

The FES Watch U features e-paper technology on its face and strap, which allows users to change the way it looks by pressing a button located where the crown of a traditional watch is normally located.

Up to 12 different designs can be stored on the watch at any one time. Users can choose from a selection of pre-designed patterns to download onto the watch, or use a companion application to create their own designs.

FES Watch U by Sony

The app is able to convert a photograph or any other image into a monochrome pattern, which can then be cropped, re-orientated and placed on the watch.

Various different clock faces can then be added on top of the design – either on the round face like a traditional watch, or somewhere on the strap if the user prefers.

FES Watch U by Sony

Sony's FES Watch U uses similar e-paper technology to that found in e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle, which enables static, monochrome images to be displayed on a screen without using any battery power.

As a result, the watch only uses battery power when the user updates the pattern or checks the time. Sony claims the watch will last for up to two weeks on a single charge with normal use.

Sony launched the FES Watch U in Japan in June 2017, and introduced it to the European market in September 2018.

The Japanese electronics brand marked the launch during London Design Festival 2018 with a collaboration with graphic artist Supermundane, who designed a set of monochrome patterns for the watch.

Dezeen hosted a talk with Sony at GF Smith's showroom during London Design Festival, which we livestreamed on our Facebook page.

We are also offering readers the chance to win an FES Watch U in a Dezeen competition.