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Dezeen roundups: tiles

Seven Barcelona homes with tile designs worth repeating

Tiles have been used widely throughout Spanish interior design, particularly within Barcelona homes. Interiors reporter Natasha Levy has selected seven of the city's most striking examples, from an apartment with ornately patterned floors to a home with textured terracotta walls.

Dezeen roundups: tiles

Laia and Biel's House by TEd'A

Architecture studio TEd'A aptly created several ceramic surfaces within this Garcia district-home, which belongs to the owners of Mallorcan tile brand Huguet.

Prior to its renovation the property had featured deteriorating terracotta tiles – rather than being thrown away, these have been crushed down into a red-coloured aggregate and then mixed to form a terrazzo-style grout.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

Casa Conxita by Escolano + Steegmann

Escolano + Steegman used terracotta tiles to outline the "static" areas of this apartment, where moveable elements like sliding partition walls have otherwise been made from plywood.

The tiles' reddish hue is also meant to emulate the colour of Barcelona's rooftops, with contrasting yellow and forest green tiles used to form a splash back in the open-plan kitchen.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

End of the Roc apartment by Nook Architects

Ornately patterned floor tiling is just one of the historic decor quirks that Nook Architects chose to retain in the renovation of this Gothic-quarter apartment.

The home also features a 40-year-old wall mural and original wooden ceiling beams.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

Carrer Avinyó by David Kohn Architects

Triangular tiles are used to create a subtle ombré effect in this apartment, gradually changing the floors from green to red. Shared by two brothers, the colours in the home have been used to loosely define the private space belonging to each inhabitant.

More traditional square-shaped tiles in a sea blue hue have been applied to the rear of the kitchen, which is overlooked by a mezzanine-cum-bookshelf.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

House 106 by Raúl Sánchez

Raúl Sánchez created bold flooring throughout this five-bedroom home by arranging simple black tiles in a herringbone pattern.

At ground level the tiles contrast against a curved oakwood panel that closes off a small dining area.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

Casa AB by Built Architecture

Original red, blue, and beige patterned floor tiles add colour to this 19th-century apartment, which has largely been completed with tall oak cabinetry.

The home, which Built Architecture says is "best understood as an art gallery", has been decorated with numerous paintings and sculptural hangings.

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Dezeen roundups: tiles

La Odette by CRÜ

After knocking through a number of partition walls that divided this narrow home, CRÜ Studio used warm-hued tiles to outline different living zones.

In the kitchen, terracotta tiles have been applied back to front to form a textured feature wall, complimented by a panel of red polished marble that sits behind the stove.

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