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Lighting by Trueing Studio

Trueing unveils lamp trio Elma, Inigo and Janus as debut range

New York design studio Trueing has launched its first lighting collection, featuring three colourful glass products that blend clean lines and geometric components.

Lighting by Trueing Studio

Trueing's debut range is made up of the Elma, Inigo and Janus – each comprising combinations of glass and metal in simple shapes and customisable options.

"Each element is highly visible but expertly engineered so as not to reveal the inner mechanics," said a statement on behalf of the studio, founded by business and romantic partners Aiden Bowman – an art historian – and engineer Josh Metersky.

Lighting by Trueing Studio

The Elma design features spherical blown-glass shades at the ends of borosilicate glass tubes, which come in a transparent or sandblasted finish.

Various colours for the tubes can be mixed and matched, connected by vertical brass fixtures in multiples to form tiered pendants.

Lighting by Trueing Studio

A cylindrical light source sits inside a layered, transparent glass rectangle to form the Inigo floor lamp.

The coloured tube that surrounds the vertical bulb adds a tint to the light emitted, and the whole thing sits on a metallic base.

Lighting by Trueing Studio

Finally, the Janus lamp was influenced by "planetary movement and deep space". A "halo" of dimmable LEDs shine from a metal hoop onto a glass disc, which reflects and refracts the light in the desired directions.

The design comes as a single pendant, or connected in pairs by thin parallel rods that attach to the vertical support.

Lighting by Trueing Studio

The duo first presented a table version of the Janus light at New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in 2017, where they were named Emerging Designer as part of the Editor's Awards.

All three designs will be carried by The Future Perfect, which has locations in New York and Los Angeles. Bowman and Metersky as the youngest designers to be represented by the gallery.

New York's lighting design scene appears to be going from strength to strength. Trueing joins the likes of established designers and brands Apparatus, Lindsey Adelman, Bec Brittain and many more that are based in the city.

Photography is by Lauren Coleman.