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"Students really need to get over themselves"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating the value of internships compared to paid architecture courses after Karim Rashid said young designers can learn more working at a studio.

Student union: in response to Dezeen's recent articles about unpaid internships, Karim Rashid has defended the practice saying young designers can learn more working at a studio than studying at a fee-paying university. Readers are undecided.

"Students really need to get over themselves," argued Marmite. "They are not worth half as much as they think they are. I know people who did unpaid internships in Italy, what they learned was invaluable but they got more out of it than the practice did."

JPV agreed: "It is an honour to get an internship at a renowned firm. For talented outsiders it's a golden ticket to an illustrious career. I'd have borrowed money to complete such an intern when I was starting out."

"Unpaid internships create an industry full of people from one area of society," replied Roberto Sideris. "If design is to respond to the hardships of everyone in this rapidly changing world it cannot be representative of one area of the global community."

Tom Shadbolt felt similarly: "Architecture eduction needs seriously looking at, and internships should be made illegal if they do not pay the minimum wage. I meet far too many interns who are so ill prepared for working in an architecture office."

This reader also pointed out flaws of both university courses and internships:

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Dorte Mandrup designs Bestseller Tower, the tallest building in Western Europe

Middle finger: commenters are confused by what will become the tallest tower in western Europe, Bestseller Tower, designed by Danish firm Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter for Brande in Denmark.

"I don't understand the point of building a tower in the middle of country fields," said Le Canal Hertzien.

"That's okay, neither does the architect," replied Jon.

Heywood Floyd went on: "An exclamation point in the middle of nowhere without the amenities and infrastructure of an urban environment will just be a naval gazing office park. This project demonstrates no understanding of urban design by anyone involved, architects, client or regulatory authorities."

"What a way to ruin the vast Danish horizon with one big middle finger to the Danes," added Rob. "Such arrogance deserves to be feted with mountains of sheep poo."

This reader used their inner Shakespeare to express their view:

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Oceanix City by BIG

Wave goodbye: BIG has unveiled a design for a floating city as a solution for populations under threat by rising sea levels and extreme weather, but the concept is already sinking.

"Not sure I'm following the logic of rising sea levels and increasingly powerful storms meaning a rush to live in a floating city," said Known Quantity. "Guaranteed these would need to be evacuated if a major storm rolled through."

Madbarka agreed: "This is the last place I'd like to be during a hurricane."

"I've experienced a category five hurricane – I doubt the BIG architects have," added Georgie Girl. "There's a reason that people are urged inland during one. This is unrealistic and seems quite foolhardy."

Dimitar Pouchnikov was more concerned about something else: "One aspect that's overlooked is security. There are way too many possible entry points. In an apocalyptic scenario, there will be plenty of pirates wishing to scavenge."

There was one compliment though:

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London by Populous

Dropped the ball: Tottenham Hotspur fans seem to be pleased with the Club's new stadium in north London, built on the team's former home White Hart Lane, but others aren't impressed.

"Love that the new stadium still retains the feel of White Hart Lane, that the seats are very close to the pitch and also that it is designed to be as loud as possible," praised Brett Anderson.

Josh was less positive: "The inside looks great, the outside looks like Tottenham."

"The shopping mall never died," continued Known Quantity. "It just moved into airports and sports stadiums."

Shipeng agreed: "This is not a football stadium. Looks more like Westfield. What a horrible, sterile, corporate showpiece."

This commenter noticed something was missing:

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