Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet

Seletti launches "crazy and over-the-top" retro cabinets with Toiletpaper

Italian brand Seletti has produced a series of cabinets decorated with eye-popping graphic images taken from the pages of Toiletpaper magazine.

The six colourful cabinets are printed with the image-only magazine's eye-catching artwork, including orange and black polka dots with a pair of lips that are emblazoned with the word "shit" and a chequerboard pattern dotted with roses.

Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet
The graphics come from the pages of Toiletpaper magazine

Other designs include a hand holding a gun, the end of which has been dipped in gold paint, and a series of suited arms proffering red lipsticks.

The pieces of furniture come in two versions, as low-level sideboards and taller cabinets, both with a midcentury modern aesthetic.

Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet
The designs come as low-level sideboards and taller cabinets

"For the first time, a series of storage furniture in which the vintage aesthetic of the Scandinavian sideboard is corrupted by crazy and over-the-top graphics of the magazine," said Seletti.

"It is the ideal product for giving a contemporary twist to even the most traditional spaces."

Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet
One design shows a series of suited arms proffering red lipsticks

Presented at Milan design week, which took place this year between 9 and 14 April, the cabinets are part of the ongoing Seletti Wears Toiletpaper collection of furniture and homeware.

"The experiments developed by Seletti – the Italian design brand characterised by its unconventional and always original approach – and Toiletpaper, the photo magazine with a revolutionary aesthetic are unstoppable," said Seletti creative director Stefano Seletti.

According to Seletti, the collaboration with Toiletpaper is one of the company's best selling collections.

Toiletpaper magazine was founded in 2010 by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer and art director Pierpaolo Ferrari. The publication doesn't include written articles, rather it focuses solely on collage-like layouts saturated with bold colour.

Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet
Another design features polka dots and a pair of lips emblazoned with the word "shit"

Known for its visually arresting and surreal imagery that draws on the world of advertising, religious iconography and art history, Toiletpaper "investigates the current phenomenon of hyper-consumption of images, all with a delicious dose of irony".

Seletti Toiletpaper cabinet
There is also a design featuring roses with eyeballs inside

Seletti have often produced tongue-in-cheek collections of furniture. Previous examples include a sofa in the shape of a hot dog bun with a sausage-shaped bolster complete with a slick of "mustard" and tomato and gherkin cushions.

The brand also produced a dish rack shaped like the Manhattan skyline designed for the brand by Luca Nichetto.