Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg create parametric tool Finch that creates adaptive plans

"Killing the job of a designer"

In this week's comments update, readers are wondering whether a new design tool for "drawing" floor plans will make architects redundant.

Tools down: readers are divided over a parametric design tool called Finch, which architecture studio Wallgren Arkitekter and Swedish construction company BOX Bygg have created to generate floor plans adapted to the constraints of a site.

"Killing the job of a designer," said Iditoers.

This commenter agreed:

"If an architect can't generate their own floor plans for simple, small apartments, then there's something wrong with them," added Alfred Hitchcock. "I would normally do this using a tool called a pen on a surface called a sheet of paper."

"I think this is fantastic," countered Cloudy. "Anyone who is nervous about machines replacing architects needs to expand their minds and skillset."

Jb continued: "Any idiot can work up a floor plan. I welcome this tool as all before it and all to come. It is no threat to the profession."

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Jony Ive legacy – Apple chief designer

Technology giant: Jony Ive became the world's most influential designer during his time at Apple and his revolutionary products rescued the company from its decline, according to Owen Hopkins. Not everyone feels the same though.

"I'm a big fan but feel his departure may be long overdue," said Steve Hassler. "The innovation ended and the problems started years ago. My iPhone crashes and glitches all the time. This wouldn't be happening if Jobs was still in charge."

Colin MacGillivray elaborated: "Surely Steve Jobs was responsible for every nuance and detail of the products that Apple made after his return in February '97?"

"'The world's most influential designer' – surely you jest. With work like the iBook?" asked Stubenville.

This reader's opinion on the iBook was more generous:

HiKoo also praised Apple's designs: "Everyone else has copied the incredible iPhone invention – period. Apple has reigned supreme because of its groundbreaking innovations. The others are Apple wannabes."

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Paris reveals plans to plant trees by landmark architecture

Urban jungle: commenters are debating the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo's plans to plant trees and gardens alongside four of the city's historic sites to improve air quality and address climate change. 

"Let's hope they actually plan to do more, because gardening is not the way to address this issue," argued Jon.

Hamada Potter also had concerns about the idea: "The trees rendered at the train station are birches – whose life span in an urban situation is between 30 to 40 years. Planting short-lived grasses will "combat" the alleged 50 degree temperature rises by 2050? Just another political stunt."

This reader had a theory:

M.L disagreed: "It's not a political question, it's a question of city management. Studies into Climate Proof Cities have shown that of all measures that influence heat issues (apart from air conditioning), planting trees and de-paving are among the most efficient."

"Grasses will combat high temps because they don't retain heat like stone or concrete will," added Obesa Adipose. "Although I agree long-lived trees are more practical then short-lived ones. Those birches in front of that train station look great."

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Sexual frustration: some readers are annoyed by San Kim's line of inflatable couture, which he presented for his graduate fashion collection, having been inspired by Freudian theories of psychosexual development.

"Some things are funny and some things are tragic. This is the latter," said Alan Smith.

Myles Cummings recognised the designs: "This has been done already – older readers will remember Mr Blobby."

This reader was particularly frustrated:

Christopher was more positive though: "Trying to salvage something from this: could clothes contain airbags that inflate if you fall over? Inflatable trousers would save many a broken hip, at the price of some small embarrassment of course!"

"Bravo!" exclaimed Cezary Marek. "But you should have had Boris, Hunt, Farage, Rees Mug and such likes to model."

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