Flamethrower drone can shoot a seven-metre-long stream of fire

A flamethrower drone attachment that can shoot a seven-metre-long stream of fire for 100 seconds is being sold online in the US by Throwflame.

Called the TF-19, the attachment allows "recreational and commercial users to remotely ignite targets from up to several miles away". The accessory has a one-gallon fuel capacity and can integrate with most commercially available drone units.

According to the company's website, anyone in the US can buy the unit as "flamethrower drones are federally legal and not considered weapons". Throwflame suggests that the attachment can be used for agricultural burns, to melt snow or for pyrotechnics.

Drone technology is quickly evolving with autonomous flying vehicles now being used in construction, to deliver packages and to create artwork. Dezeen's movie Elevation investigates the impact that drones will have on the cities of the future.

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