"How about gun control legislation instead?"

In this week's comments update, readers are saddened after self-defence brand Guard Dog suggested that children should start wearing bulletproof backpacks.

Back to school: readers are alarmed after the CEO of self-defence brand Guard Dog told Dezeen that children going to school or public places should be given bulletproof backpacks.

"Such an excellent idea," said Pauldale Foto sarcastically. "At last, someone is finally putting the onus on the victim to protect themselves. Next, potential rape and abuse victims should wear impenetrable underwear and pedestrians should wear airbags so cars don't kill them."

"How about gun control legislation and a regular backpack?" asked Neels Violet.

Troels Steenholdt Heiredal continued: "This is not the solution. It once again removes the responsibility to act from those in power and places it on the victims. This is a political problem that needs a political solution. Stop wasting time with this and call your political rep and demand that they do something."

Trent was equally frustrated: "Oh America: hang your head in shame that it's come to this!"

This commenter was particularly dismayed:

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Kanye West homeless housing prototypes under construction

Housing crisis: Kanye West is facing criticism after images showing prototypes of his domed-shaped housing for the homeless were revealed.

"It doesn’t make sense to me," said Michael. "The land use is very inefficient for low-cost, high-density accommodation."

"Strictly a publicity stunt," added Doug Lough. "Nobody really thinks that West will let a bunch of homeless people live on his property. Nobody really believes that they would want to live there – no liquor store, no drug dealers around. Unless he plans to provide all those things?"

Don Joe also had questions: "He is building them on his own property. Will he be moving homeless people onto his property when they are complete? Why not just let them move into some of the multitude of rooms in his house?"

"What next? Architects doing hip hop?" wondered Slack Dammit.

One commenter mis-read the story's headline:

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Tintagel Castle Bridge by William Matthews Associates

Bridging the gap: architecture studio William Matthews Associates has built a bridge in Cornwall that has a deliberate gap in the middle, causing a divide among readers.

"The gap seems to be completely gimmicky and unnecessary," started Pierre. "That being said, it's a really elegant bridge, it seems too light to be real."

"The gimmicky gap should've been wider – about small child width, or perhaps running lengthways to toy with cyclists," joked JB.

Nic Bailey was excited: "I'm terrified of heights, but can't wait to visit the bridge, cross it, and get that knotted dose of fear in my guts."

"Quite gorgeous," summarised Three Floating Orbs. "They considered the visual impacts from all directions. Well done."

This reader was also pleased:

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Cody Dock Rolling Bridge by Thomas Randall-Page

Roll on: commenters are debating architectural designer Thomas Randall-Page's design for a rolling bridge in London that can be manually rotated to allow boats to pass beneath it.

"How many centuries did hand operated draw bridges exist and work? How much more expensive is this concept going to be to build and maintain? How safe or practical is a bridge with exposed teeth like this? Will a single stone in the gear channel cause the bridge to jam?" asked Michael Wigle.

Joggl was more positive: "Love it! I am sure it has been considered, but I think there should be cranks on both sides. Just incase someone forgets to put it back into the default position."

Three Floating Orbs was also keen: "Love it! We’ve solved how Stonehenge was made as well! ;-)"

"I am not sure whether I love the design or the stop-motion animation more," said Miles Teg.

This reader summed up their thoughts in one word:

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