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White Perma Collection by Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak's White Perma Collection casts flowers in milky white resin

London designer Marcin Rusak has cut this set of resin works into unusual shapes that are intended as "hybrids of domestic furniture".

White Perma Collection is the latest in a series of works by Polish-born Rusak that encase plants in resin.

For the new set, Rusak has arranged scrap buds, stems, petals and leaves sourced from florists into a milky white bio-resin – a resin that contains plant-based substances – which draws a stark contrast to darkness of his resin furniture pieces.

White Perma Collection by Marcin Rusak
Rusak arranged scrap buds, stems, petals and leaves gathered from florists to create the resin pieces, described as "hybrids of domestic furniture"

After leaving the material to set, he hand drew the pieces of the furniture and then cut them from the solid mass.

"Rusak continues the exploration into the world of imperfections and the meticulous detail of floral cross-sections, this time creating pieces from the new white Perma material," said Sarah Myerscough Gallery, which presented the collection at this year's Design Miami.

White Perma Collection by Marcin Rusak
Perma 04 comprises a low semi-circular bench that connects to an upright stand and small side table

"All the raw material is sourced from the excess accumulated by florists; the discarded flowers are given a new life cycle by becoming the very essence of the material."

Rusak also played with the forms and shapes for the furniture set. Shapes include rectangles and semi-circles, as well as jagged and uneven surfaces that when assembled create a single abstract item formed by several separate pieces.

"Marcin Rusak's hand-drawn forms develop into a structural assemblage of planes, which are hybrids of domestic furniture," said Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Among the collection is Perma 04 comprising a low semi-circular bench attached to an upright stand and a small table connects to the vertice. Similarly, Perma 05 fastens two arced planes at varying heights to create a single unit in the form of a complete circle.

White Perma Collection by Marcin Rusak
Perma 05 is made of two curved pieces of resin, set at varying heights that are attached together to form a circlular shape

Rusak also designed Perma 06, a small shelf that hangs from the wall. Two levels of shelving and decorative joists attach to a linear wall piece.

Rusak has studios in London and Warsaw, Poland. His other projects include Flora Collection, which includes a lamp, screen and table, and Flora Noir series, with new additions including a  coffee table, a sculpture and a wall lamp for.

White Perma Collection by Marcin Rusak
Rusak also designed Perma 06 an abstract shelf that hangs on the wall

The three pieces were unveiled at Design Miami in a showroom with rose-coloured plaster walls and flooring to complement the hues of the furniture.

Design Miami took place from 4 to 8 December 2019. Other works exhibited during the event include pieces by Rooms that visitors were encouraged to damage and a resin desk and upholstered chairs by Daniel Arsham.

Photography is by James Harris, courtesy of Marcin Rusak and Sarah Myerscough Gallery.