"Our brick has pride of place in our meeting room so we can show it off" say Dezeen Awards winners

If you won a Dezeen Award this year, how would you display your brick trophy? We got back in touch with some of the 2019 winners to share their "shelfies".

The trophies have been designed by Dutch design studio Atelier NL since the first edition of Dezeen Awards in 2018. They are made by hand from London clay – the material used to make the traditional yellow bricks that are a defining characteristic of buildings across the UK capital.

This year, 45 more trophies will go to winners across categories spanning architecture, interiors and design, as well as to the three projects of the year selected from the pool of existing winners.

Enter Dezeen Awards before 2 June and start thinking about where you'd put your trophy if you win!

"Our brick has pride of place in our meeting room so we can show it off"

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Auckland-based architecture and interior design studio Linehouse, winner of emerging interior designer of the year, keeps its trophy in the meeting room, where guests can admire it.

"We have a few other awards on the shelves next to it but the brick stands out because the design and materials are so tactile and thoughtful", said co-founder Alex Mok, who is also a Dezeen Awards judge this year.

"It sometimes becomes a temporary one-minute-sculpture"

German studio J Mayer H, winners of the residential rebirth category with their project Casa Morgana, moves its trophy around the studio to remind everyone of Dezeen Awards.

"The trophy moves around the office, from here to there, and becomes a temporary one-minute-sculpture in combination with other objects", said Beate Quaschning.

"The composition is random and done by different people. The trophy travels to different departments and reminds the whole team of the Dezeen Awards."

"It reminds us of our dedication and commitment to design"

Vladimir Radutny Architects keep its trophy in the conference room, where it stands alongside other awards that the Chicago-based studio won in the past.

"The trophy sits on the shelves of our office conference room, as part of the display of work, process models and images of completed projects", explains founder Vladimir Radutny. "It's part of the collection of our achievements for the past 11 years."

"It is a position that will be noticed by visitors"

Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki designed a 102-square-metre house for his family in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, which won in the urban house category last year.

Sasaki and his family keep the trophy in the open loft space in their home, where it can be seen by visitors. He said that he felt "on top of the world" when he received the award.

"We keep it where everyone can enjoy it"

Amsterdam-based Studio Drift, which won designer of the year 2019 and lighting design of the year 2019, keeps its trophies in the studio's shared library space, where everyone can see and enjoy them.

"Our founders Ralph and Lonneke think that everyone won the awards, so they wanted to make sure that it is felt throughout the team", said Sarah Schulten of Studio Drift. "We also had the  certificates framed and they are hanging in Ralph's and Lonneke's Office."

"The trophy stands next to a Japanese lucky charm"

Japanese design studio Takt Project won emerging designer of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019. Founder Satoshi Yoshiizumi said that the trophy is kept in their Tokyo office.

"As you can see from the photo, the trophy is on the shelf together with our work and a rake, which is a Japanese lucky charm", said Yoshiizumi.

In Japan, decorated miniature rakes made of bamboo represent success, wealth and good luck.

"Located in the heart of our workplace"

London-based architecture and interior design studio Sevil Peach was crowned interior designer of the year 2019.

"The trophy is on the kitchen shelf which is part of the Studio", explains co-founder Sevil Peach."It is in the heart of our workplace visible to all, along with few much loved objects".

"All our guests ask about it"

Brazilian firm Laurent Troost designed a two-storey house within a campinarana, a forest characterised by small trees, and won rural house of the year 2019.

"The trophy is displayed on the main living room shelf among some other trophies, decoration items and architectural and art related books", said Troost.

"It is on display on that shelf because we are so proud if this important achievement and because of its special design, all of our guest do ask about it."

Laurent Troost is also a Dezeen Awards judge this year and will be assessing entries in the architecture project categories.

"Located in a prominent part of our studio"

Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects (LOHA) won in the housing project of the year category with their social housing building MLK1101 in Los Angeles, USA.

They keep their trophy where new clients and guests are sure to notice it.

"The award is located in a prominent part of our studio where we host new clients and visitors", said member of the studio Sinead Finnerty-Pyne.

"The display area features a selection of our recent publications and awards. We like the way that the raw brick material of the Dezeen Award compliments the off-the-shelf aesthetic of our plywood cabinets."

"The trophy blends in with the environment"

China-based architecture studio Atelier Liu Yuyang won hospitality building of the year with its XY Yunlu Hotel.

"We keep the trophy in our principal architect Liu Yuyang's office, together with other trophies and certificates. All of them are placed on a table beside the window, with a view on big trees and flowers. This clay made brick trophy blends in with the environment", explains Qiushi Kong on behalf of the studio.

"Although we don't have big shelves or fancy tables to display these awards, it is still a corner of glory, which represents the world's recognition and affirmation of our design work."

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