Virtual Design Festival

VDF's top 10 videos

VDF's top 10 videos include Chris Precht and Alison Brooks plus Studio Drift's drone performance

We're roughly one-third of the way through Virtual Design Festival, having completed 24 days of the 77-day marathon! With the VDF team taking a break today as its a holiday in the UK, here are the ten most popular VDF video posts so far.

VDF movies, including live interviews, performances and documentaries, have been streamed over 400,000 times since the launch of the festival last month.

The list below reflects the current top 10, which naturally favours content that has been online the longest. More recent videos will inevitably overtake these in time!


1. VDF launch video

We opened VDF on 15 April with a movie featuring messages from 35 creatives around the world and featuring an opening sequence filmed at Bar Basso in Milan. The video has had over 25,000 views so far.


2. SO-IL Currents documentary

This documentary about the work of architect SO-IL was premiered on VDF as part of our collaboration with Lisbon's MAAT museum. So far the video has been played just over 25,000 times, putting it just a few views behind the launch movie.


3. Studio Drift's Franchise Freedom drone performance

We live streamed this secret Studio Drift performance featuring 300 choreographed drones flying over Rotterdam to celebrate Freedom Day in the Netherlands. The film has been streamed over 23,000 times in just three days.


4. Orange Juice for the Ears

VDF hosted the online premiere of this documentary about Beatie Wolfe, streamed as part of our collaboration with the musician that also featured a live interview and performance. The film has been played over 20,000 times.


5. Chris Precht screentime interview

Our Screentime series of live interviews has proven incredibly popular, with an average of 12,000 watching each in real-time on Dezeen or via our Facebook and YouTube channels. The interview with architect Chris Precht, which kicked off our series of interviews with architects sponsored by Enscape, has been viewed just over 20,000 times, making it the most popular of the series so far.


6. SO-IL Screentime interview

It's SO-IL again! Our live interview with Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg of the New York architecture studio has had over 15,000 views.


7. Zoomed In film screenings

Our collaboration with architecture image festival Zoomed in included a live discussion with architectural photographers Dennis Gilbert and Jim Stephenson, who screened films from their archives. The live stream attracted over 14,000 viewers.


8. Alison Brooks Screentime interview

Our live interview with architect Alison Brooks has been seen over 13,000 times and is still racking up plenty of views.


9. Beatie Wolfe live interview and performance

Our first-ever live musical performance was a big success, with over 13,000 people watching Beatie Wolfe discuss her work and perform three tracks.


10. Earth Day symposium part 1

Our collaboration with The World Around in celebration of Earth Day has proven really popular, with this symposium featuring experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun, architect Kunlé Adeyemi and philosopher Timothy Morton attracting over 12,000 views so far.