Nanimarquina unveils four new collections of rugs

Dezeen promotion: decaying flowers, abstract blocks of colour and imaginary characters feature in Nanimarquina's latest rug collections.

Flora, Telares, Colors and Silhouette are the names of the four rug ranges that make up Nanimarquina's 2020 range.

Flora was created in collaboration with Barcelona-based artist Santi Moix, who uses imagery of flowers to explore the fragility of life and death.

"His use of colour is beyond the merely decorative: it enhances and accentuates certain details paying special attention to in-betweens – those intermediate processes in flowers like the moments before their birth, their explosion of colour, and their decay," said Nanimarquina.

Nanimarquina Flora rugs
The Flora rug collection was designed by Barcelona-based artist Santi Moix

There are three hand-tufted rug models available – Promenade, which boasts a jumble of brightly-hued florals, and Backyard, which depicts the wildflowers typically found in a home's garden.

The final model, Bloom, is available in two versions that capture different moments in a flower's life cycle: one is shaped like a flower in blossom, while the other is shaped like a flower in decay.

These rugs are smaller and were designed to be set against the monochromatic rugs in the Colors range.

Nanimarquina Telares rugs
The textured Telares collection is designed to reflect craftsmanship

Afghan wool has been handwoven at various intensities to create the textured rugs in another range, called Telares, which are meant to reflect the "authenticity of craftsmanship".

"The changes in the pattern, which are born from the tension applied between weft and warp, give the rug an appearance full of nuances, thus evoking the most primary manual work: the insistent trial and error process of the craftsman," the brand explained.

They can be produced in five different colours – Ebony, an almost-black, Carmine, a rich red, Indigo, a deep purple, Fog, a dusky beige and Pine, a forest-green.

Nanimarquina Colors rugs
Each of the colour-block rugs in the Colors range features a fringed edge

The next Colors range comprises plain block-colour rugs that are meant to offer an "abstract interpretation" of hues seen in nature.

They come in four shades – Nectar, a warm yellow, Blush, a deep pink, Saffron, a strong red and an earthy green called Basil.

Each one is finished with a fringed edge, riffing on the style of South Asian dhurries – thin woven rugs that can be used as floor coverings, bedding or packaging.

Nanimarquina x Jaime Hayon Silhouette rugs
The Silhouette collection by Jaime Hayon features freehand drawings of imagined faces

The fourth and final range, Silhouette, was designed in partnership with Jaime Hayon. The rugs can be used indoors or outdoors and boast spindly illustrations of imagined faces.

"It's a freehand drawing, similar to the work in my sketchbooks," explained Hayon.

"There are infinite characters that are part of my imaginary; they change and evolve, according to my current interests," he continued. "There are characters that are endearing, others are more ironic, and some even provoke fear on occasion."

Nanimarquina Flora rugs
The rugs can be used indoors or outdoors

Nanimarquina was established in 1987 and is based between Barcelona and New York.

Jaime Hayon is just one notable designer that the brand has worked with – in 2014, it joined forces with London studio Doshi Levien to create floor coverings that payed homage to traditional rugs crafted by tribes in India's Gujarat region.

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