Lance lights by Meteor Lighting
Lance is one of three collections by Meteor Lighting on show at VDF products fair

Meteor Lighting launches three new collections at VDF products fair

Lance is a range of tubular wall lights, designed to highlight the details and textures of a building's surface, which Meteor Lighting is launching at the VDF products fair.

The Lance collection features alongside the Californian company's versatile Dot Series collection, as well as its minimalist Duo Series pendant lights.

All three lighting ranges are viewable at the platform, which forms part of the Virtual Design Festival and exists to offer brands an affordable way to showcase their products.

Lance by Meteor Lighting
The Lance lighting range is designed for outdoor use

The Lance lights have cylindrical bodies, available in several different lengths, which are designed by Meteor Lighting to glow from both its ends.

They are intended to be installed on a building's exterior to help accentuate architectural details, while also illuminating their immediate surroundings.

Dot Series by Meteor Lighting
Another collection on show is the versatile Dot Series for interior spaces

The other two collections Meteor Lighting has launched at VDF, named Dot Series and Duo Series, are both designed for internal use.

Dot Series is the most versatile range. It can be mounted in several different ways throughout a space, and is available with a choice of three different cylinder sizes and three matte colour finishes.

In contrast, Duo Series is the company's minimalist range – designed to blend into a room. The lights are composed of a cylindrical pendant attached to a pared-back ceiling mount that doubles as its power supply – negating the need for an AC cable.

Duo Series by Meteor Lighting
The Duo Series is also designed for internal use but offers a more minimalist design

Other brands at the fair include Danish brands Fritz Hansen, Austrian bike brand Vello and US and Italian brand Caesar Ceramics.

Herman Miller has also presented five seating collections for the workplace including the updated version of its iconic Aeron chair by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email