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Soda glass coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

Yiannis Ghikas creates blown-glass Soda coffee table for Miniforms

Dezeen promotion: Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas has designed the Soda coffee table from hand-blown Murano glass for Italian furniture makers Miniforms.

The pieces of chubby furniture were comissioned by Miniforms as a "funky" take on a traditional artisanal technique.

Each glass table takes three master glassmakers to create, using a single 20-kilogram piece of glass.

Soda glass coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

"Throughout Soda's research and design process, we were astounded at the lack of glass-blown products of this size and kind," said Ghikas.

"It was only later that we realised it is because of the technical difficulties inherent in the handling of such an object, as well as the degree of expertise required to do so," he added. "The expertise possessed by a handful of highly skilled artisans in the Italian island of Murano."

Soda glass coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

Air is puffed through the glass to create a three-petalled stem supporting a round, flat table surface. The glass is hammered by hand while still hot to create a prism-like effect when light passes through its surfaces.

"Among our main objectives was to use one of the most characteristic attributes of glass in our advantage: its transparency," explained Ghikas.

"We designed an object with such a geometry that allows it to play with light and shadow, creating different shapes as one's perspective changes," he continued.

"If you look at the Soda from a certain angle, you see darker parts because of the way the layers of glass overlap. On the other hand, we have no control over the glass texture. We had to accept that this would stem from the skill of the artisanal process."

Soda glass coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

The Soda coffee table is available in two sizes and two colourways – a rich golden amber and a shimmering petrol blue.

Founded in 1967 in Italy, Miniforms specialises in small tables and furnishings. Previous pieces include a glass and beechwood table by Italian designer Paolo Cappello and a steam-bent wood and rattan armchair by Milanese design studio Skrivo.

Photography is by Alessandro di Bon and styling by Laura Pozzi.

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